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Israel to pay frozen tax revenues Olmert outlines West Bank withdrawal Graffiti sprayed on mosque Israel warns Abbas about Hamas Palestinians to give back US aid   Hamas takes power vowing no talks  Palestinian Authority President addressed the opening session of the new Hamas-majority parliament Abbas warns of financial crisis Hamas dismisses Israeli sanctions   Mahmoud Abbas issues warning  Palestinian leader could resign from office if he felt too many constraints under a Hamas government EU to fill Palestinian funds gap  Europe to save the Palestinian Authority from imminent financial collapse with an offer of 120m euros Palestinians fear al Qaeda infiltration Unrest after Israel church attack   Hamas MPs curtail Abbas's powers  The Palestinian parliament has revoked recent legislation giving more powers to Palestinian leader Israelis storm Palestinian prison
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  Israel rules out talks with Hamas  Israeli interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ruled out any talks with a Palestinian government including Hamas   Abbas urges Hamas to form government  Post-election tensions sparked fighting in the town of Khan Yunis between Fatah and Hamas Abbas vows to honour peace deals Troops clash with Israeli settlers
Uncertainty over Palestinian poll   Hamas campaign threatens Fatah Party  1.3 million Palestinians will head to the polls in the first parliamentary elections in a decade Hamas slashes Fatah majority   Hamas won elections

January 2006 ... more > Top ^
  Hamas and Fatah supporters scuffled outside the Palestinian parliament building
 Hamas has operated a network of social and charitable organizations for Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas urged Hamas to keep negotiations moving forward. Israel demanded that the Palestinian Authority disarm the new ruling party and the other terrorist organizations

February 2006 ... more > Top ^
  Mounted troops in riot gear clashed with stone-throwing Jewish protesters as they began dismantling homes

March 2006 ... more > Top ^
  6 inmates were holed up and vowing not to be taken alive. Palestinian guards clashed with Israelis
 An Israeli army raid on a Jericho jail holding a senior militant , Ahmed Saadat, has sparked a wave of kidnappings and protest. US and UK monitors left the jail complaining about lax of security. Saadat, leader of the PFLP, is blamed for killing a cabinet minister in 2001
Abbas rushes home after jail raid Mar.15 Abbas denounces Israeli jail raid Mar.19 Hamas submits names for cabinet Mar.30 Quartet warns Hamas over funding Suicide bomber kills 4

April 2006 ... more > Top ^
Apr.7     EU suspends aid to Palestinians
  The Union has cut off direct aid payments because of refusal to renounce violence and recognize Israel   U.S. redirecting Palestinian aid  The U.S. will increase humanitarian aid but will cut off all assistance for building projects in the territories

May 2006 ... more > Top ^
May.6   Clashes over Hebron settler move   Israeli police have clashed with settlers they plan to evict from a Palestinian home in Hebron May.14 Court upholds Israeli spouse ban
7 Palestinians killed May.22 Hamas leader 'captured' in raid

June 2006 ... more > Top ^
Jun.6     Abbas extends deadline for Hamas  Palestinian President extended a deadline to accept a document that implicitly recognizes Israel Jun.28   Israel seizes Hamas legislators
  Israeli troops have detained dozens of ministers and lawmakers, as its offensive in Gaza continued   Settler's body believed found   A body found near Ramallah is that of an 18-year-old Eliyahu Yitzhak Asheri, abducted by Palestinian militants

July 2006 ... more > Top ^
Jul.30 Islamic Jihad leader killed

August 2006 ... more > Top ^
Aug.5 Israel holds Palestinian Speaker
Aug.18   Israelis detain Hamas deputy PM   The forces have seized Nasser al-Shaer in a raid on his home in the town of Ramallah Aug.26 Palestinians: Israelis kill Palestinian

September 2006 ... more > Top ^
Sep.10     Blair pushes for Palestinian engagement  British Prime Minister: World should restore contacts, if Hamas forms a government with more moderates Sep.11 Palestinian unity cabinet agreed

October 2006 ... more > Top ^
Oct.1   Protests turn deadly
  Palestinian workers took to the streets to protest against the cash-strapped Hamas-led government Oct.4     Rice pledges US support for Abbas  US Secretary of State has pledged Washington's support for beleaguered Palestinian Authority President

November 2006 ... more > Top ^
Nov.26 Palestinians ordered to enforce cease-fire

December 2006 ... more > Top ^
Dec.15   Palestinian factions clash
Map of Ramallah Israel
  More than a dozen people were injured when fighting broke out in the city of Ramallah
Dec.16     President Abbas calls for early elections
  Palestinian President called for presidential and legislative elections to end the stalemate between Fatah and the Hamas.    Abbas said that Palestinians would not be drawn into civil war, noting the recent violence, including an attack...
Dec.18     Blair, Abbas urge new efforts for peace   Palestinian leader and British Prime Minister met for talks. Blair said the international community should support Abbas Dec.25 Israel plans to ease W. Bank travel rules

Election, Vote Main Event: Hamas won electio...
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1. 01-02 Uncertainty over Palestinian poll West Bank
2. 01-24 Hamas campaign threatens Fatah Party Gaza
3. 01-25 Hamas slashes Fatah majority West Bank
01-26 Hamas won elections West Bank
F. 01-26 Israel rules out talks with Hamas Jerusalem
G. 01-27 Abbas urges Hamas to form government West Bank
H. 01-30 Abbas vows to honour peace deals West Bank
I. 02-01 Troops clash with Israeli settlers West Bank
J. 02-05 Israel to pay frozen tax revenues Jerusalem

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