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12-01 Huge rally demands PM quit Beirut
2. 12-01 Fracas mars inauguration Mexico
D. 12-01 Typhoon kills 388 Philippines
E. 12-01 Dead spy's contact 'has radiation' London
F. 12-01 World AIDS Day: calls for strategies Global
G. 12-01 Pair test positive for polonium London
7. 12-01 Protesters set up camp Beirut
8. 12-01 LA diocese settles abuse claims Southern California
J. 12-01 Hopes fade after storm Philippines


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Morning News

Dec.1   Beirut     Huge rally demands PM quit
  200,000 people packed the streets, as Christian opposition leader called for Fouad Siniora to step down
 Demonstrators pitched tents outside the office of Siniora. Soldiers cordoned off the office complex with barbed wire

  Mexico   Fracas mars inauguration
  Felipe Calderon has been sworn in as presiden, after brawls in Congress between lawmakers, divided by the tight election

  Philippines     Typhoon kills 388
  Rains caused by Durian brought mud and rocks down hillsides, burying 2 villages in the foothills of the Mayon volcano
 The mudslides engulfed villages near the Mayon volcano south-east of the capital Manila. The death toll could easily reach 700. Hopes of finding more survivors are dwindling. Soldiers having to walk for hours to reach affected areas.

  London     Dead spy's contact 'has radiation'  An Italian academic Mario Scaramella who met Russian former spy on the day he was allegedly fatally poisoned

  Global   World AIDS Day: calls for strategies  Public health experts are saying the focus on universal access to lifesaving antiretroviral drugs has sidelining prevention

Day News

  London     Pair test positive for polonium
  A contact and the wife of dead former spy Litvinenko have both tested positive for polonium-210

  Beirut     Protesters set up camp   Thousand of supporters of Hezbollah and pro-Syrian allies have spent the night camped out, to protest against the government

  Southern California LA diocese settles abuse claims  The largest Roman Catholic diocese in the US has agreed to pay $60m to settle lawsuits alleging sexual abuse

Evening News

  Philippines   Hopes fade after storm  Rescue workers are searching for survivors in the wake of a typhoon that triggered deadly landslides

  Colorado Miller avoids crash, wins Cup downhill  Bode Miller narrowly avoided a high-speed collision with a course worker

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