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Politics Main Event: General Pinochet dead
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1. 12-10 Huge protest pressures government Beirut
2. 12-10 Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report Baghdad
D. 12-10 22 civilians killed Darfur
E. 12-10 Second Russian hospital hit by deadly fire Siberia
12-10 General Pinochet dead Santiago, Chile
6. 12-10 Gender imbalance worsens poverty UN
H. 12-10 Maskaev keeps his WBC heavy title Moscow
8. 12-10 Aceh votes in landmark elections Aceh
9. 12-10 Clashes follow death of Pinochet Santiago, Chile


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Morning News

Dec.10   Beirut   Huge protest pressures government
  Hundreds of thousands flooded central Beirut after a call by the Hezbollah-led opposition to topple the government

  Baghdad     Talabani rejects Baker-Hamilton report  Iraqi President is calling Iraq Study Group's report 'very dangerous' to Iraq's sovereignty and constitution

  Darfur 22 civilians killed  Militiamen ambushed their refugee convoy. Helicopter crew, 8 peackeepers held hostage

  Siberia Second Russian hospital hit by deadly fire  9 patients of a clinic for the mentally ill died in the town of Taiga in central Siberia

  Chile     General Pinochet dead Map of Santiago Chile
  Chilean TV reports: The 91-year-old former military leader Augusto Pinochet has died at a Santiago military hospital
 Augusto Pinochet was in power from 1973-90 after overthrowing the government when 3,000 people were killed or disappeared. Supporters saw Pinochet as a Cold War hero for overthrowing President Allende. The dictatorship brought South America's most stable economy

Day News

  UN Gender imbalance worsens poverty  Unicef: Inequality between men and women leads to poorer health for the children and greater poverty for the family

  Moscow Maskaev keeps his WBC heavy title  Maskaev retained his crown with a unanimous points decision over Ugandan challenger Peter Okhello

  Aceh Aceh votes in landmark elections  Voters in the province are electing local leaders in the region's first direct elections after 29 years of war

Evening News

  Chile     Clashes follow death of Pinochet
Map of Santiago Chile
  Jubilant opponents danced in the center of Santiago. Police used water cannon and tear gas to control crowds

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