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Crime Main Event: Gunmen kill school children
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12-11 Gunmen kill school children Gaza
2. 12-11 Car of ex-spy contact contaminated Germany
D. 12-11 Annan to chide US in final speech USA
E. 12-11 Students interrupt Iran president Iran
F. 12-11 Gazprom 'wins $22B Shell gas plan' Moscow
6. 12-11 Spy death police quiz key figure Moscow
7. 12-11 Troops sent to fight drugs Michoacan, Mexico
I. 12-11 Israeli PM in nuclear arms hint Germany
9. 12-11 Suicide truck bomb kills at least 54 Baghdad


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Morning News

Dec.11   Gaza   Gunmen kill school children
  Gunmen have shot dead the 3 sons of Baha Balousheh, an intelligence chief linked to the Palestinian party Fatah

  Germany     Car of ex-spy contact contaminated   A car used by Dmitry Kovtun, a contact of Litvinenko, before the men met was contaminated with polonium-210
 four people have been contaminated

  USA Annan to chide US in final speech  Kofi Annan is to make his final speech as Secretary General shortly, urging the US to work with other nations

  Iran Students interrupt Iran president  Students have staged a demonstration against Ahmadinejad, setting off firecrackers and burning pictures of him

  Moscow Gazprom 'wins $22B Shell gas plan'  Royal Dutch Shell has offered to cede control of the Sakhalin-2 project, after months of government pressure

Day News

  Moscow Spy death police quiz key figure  British investigators have visited a hospital that specializes in treating radiation cases. Russians questioned Andrei Lugovoi

  Mexico Troops sent to fight drugs  President Calderon has ordered thousands of troops to be sent to Michoacan state where crime has left 500 dead this year

  Germany Israeli PM in nuclear arms hint  Ehud Olmert appears to have come close to admitting that Israel has nuclear weapons

Evening News

  Baghdad     Suicide truck bomb kills at least 54
  Many of the killed were unemployed Iraqis lured toward the explosion by an offer of work
 At least 54 people killed, over 140 injured in 2 car bombs in a main square in central Baghdad near several government ministries. The bombs were aimed at a police patrol and a crowd of Iraqis

  Geneva UN rights body to discuss Darfur  The Human Rights Council is to hold an emergency session in Geneva on the ongoing conflict in the region

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