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Crime Main Event: Bombers strike workers for...
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1. 12-13 Massive response in murders probe England
C. 12-13 Pakistan 'out to enslave Afghans' Afghanistan
12-13 Bombers strike workers for second day Baghdad
E. 12-13 UK supports Darfur no-fly zone London
F. 12-13 Estudiantes clinch Argentine title Argentina
G. 12-13 Disaster funds 'unfairly divided' Global
H. 12-13 U.N. rights watchdog to Darfur Darfur


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Morning News

Dec.13   England   Massive response in murders probe  Officers investigating the murder of 3 prostitutes and the discovery of 2 bodies, have had a massive response from the public

  Afghanistan Pakistan 'out to enslave Afghans'  President Hamid Karzai has hit out at Pakistan over continuing violence. he also criticised Nato-led forces for killing civilians

Day News

  Baghdad   Bombers strike workers for second day
  Unemployed laborers were among nearly two dozen people killed in Baghdad and near Kirkuk

  London     UK supports Darfur no-fly zone  Britain would support a UN-backed no-fly zone over the region to prevent aerial attacks on civilians

  Argentina Estudiantes clinch Argentine title  Estudiantes came from behind to beat Boca Juniors 2-1 in a play-off to win the championship for the first time in 23 years

  Global Disaster funds 'unfairly divided'  World Disasters Report: Millions are missing out on vital aid despite record-breaking donations from governments and the public

Evening News

  Darfur U.N. rights watchdog to Darfur  The watchdog agreed on to send a high-level mission to probe allegations of worsening abuses against civilians

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