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War & Army Main Event: Palestinian factions ...
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12-15 Palestinian factions clash Ramallah, West Bank
C. 12-15 Ahmadinejad popularity tested in vote Iran
3. 12-15 Violence 'preventing aid' Darfur
4. 12-15 US 'troop boost in Iraq likely' Washington
5. 12-15 Egypt seeks to ease Gaza tensions Egypt
6. 12-15 Islamists vow not to strike government Somalia
H. 12-15 Governor halts executions Florida


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Morning News

Dec.15   West Bank   Palestinian factions clash
Map of Ramallah Israel
  More than a dozen people were injured when fighting broke out in the city of Ramallah

  Iran     Ahmadinejad popularity tested in vote  Iranians voted for municipal councils and a powerful clerical body in elections

  Darfur Violence 'preventing aid'  Nearly half a million people in the region have less access to aid as a result of a recent upsurge in violence

Day News

  Washington   US 'troop boost in Iraq likely'
  Bush is likely to boost troop levels in 2007, up to 25,000 more troops, an administration official has said

  Egypt     Egypt seeks to ease Gaza tensions  The officials seeking to broker a deal between Palestinian groups have met Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip

  Somalia Islamists vow not to strike government  The top Islamist leader said his fighters did not plan to attack the interim government but only its 'invading' Ethiopian allies

  Florida Governor halts executions  Jeb Bush has halted executions in the state after an inmate took twice as long to die by lethal injection

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