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12-16 President Abbas calls for early elections West Bank
2. 12-16 PM reaches out to Baathists Baghdad
D. 12-16 Prostitute killings: CCTV footage released England
4. 12-16 US welcomes Palestinian poll call Washington
F. 12-16 Wedding fire kills 22 Multan, Pakistan
G. 12-16 Hamas gunmen raid Abbas camp Gaza
7. 12-16 'You' named Time's person of 2006 USA
8. 12-16 Castro talks to officials on phone Cuba


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Morning News

Dec.16   West Bank     President Abbas calls for early elections
  Palestinian President called for presidential and legislative elections to end the stalemate between Fatah and the Hamas
 Abbas said that Palestinians would not be drawn into civil war, noting the recent violence, including an attack on the prime minister. Hamas rejected the idea, and it was not clear if it would participate in the elections.

  Baghdad   PM reaches out to Baathists
  Al-Maliki said former Baathists and army officers who committed no serious crimes should be allowed into the mainstream

Day News

  England Prostitute killings: CCTV footage released  British police released surveillance tv footage of Anneli Alderton, 24, one of 5 murdered prostitutes

Evening News

  Washington   US welcomes Palestinian poll call  The administration has hailed a call by Abbas for fresh elections, hoping it could help end violence in the region

  Pakistan   Wedding fire kills 22 Map of Multan Pakistan  A fire in eastern Pakistan sparked a stampede. More than 30 people were injured at Jhok Utra, west of the city of Multan

  Gaza Hamas gunmen raid Abbas camp  Dozens of gunmen attacked a training base of Palestinian president guard before dawn

  USA 'You' named Time's person of 2006  'You' have been named for the growth and influence of user-generated content on the internet

  Cuba Castro talks to officials on phone  Granma report: Ailing President has spoken by telephone to a meeting of Cuban officials

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