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War & Army Main Event: HIV medics condemned ...
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12-19 HIV medics condemned to death Libya
2. 12-19 Schools shut amid 'anarchy' Gaza
3. 12-19 Pentagon: Militia 'has replaced al Qaeda' Washington
E. 12-19 U.S., North Korea meet one-on-one Beijing
5. 12-19 Bush considers US force expansion Washington
6. 12-19 Palestinian groups call new truce Gaza
H. 12-19 Freedom Tower's first column laid New York
I. 12-19 Migrants' ordeal: Hallucinations, big waves Senegal
J. 12-19 New bird flu outbreak Vietnam


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Morning News

Dec.19   Libya   HIV medics condemned to death
  A court convicted 5 Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor of deliberately infecting 400 children with the virus
 The sentence is provoking shouts of approval from the children's relatives. Bulgaria reiterated its belief that the children were infected by unhygienic conditions in their hospital. The defendants have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court. The presiding judge took only 7 minutes to confirm the presence of the accused and read out his verdict and sentence.

  Gaza Schools shut amid 'anarchy'  Several children were among those hurt in a day of clashes between Hamas and Fatah that killed three

  Washington Pentagon: Militia 'has replaced al Qaeda'  al-Sadr's Mehdi Army has replaced al Qaeda in Iraq as the most dangerous accelerant of the violence

  Beijing U.S., North Korea meet one-on-one  Financial experts met to address US campaign to isolate the North from the international banking system

Day News

  Washington     Bush considers US force expansion  The President is considering a short-term increase in the size of the force in Iraq

  Gaza Palestinian groups call new truce  President Abbas has announced a new deal between Fatah faction and the Hamas that aims to stop fighting

  New York Freedom Tower's first column laid  The first 2 foundation columns have been put in place for the tower that will replace the World Trade Center

  Senegal Migrants' ordeal: Hallucinations, big waves  Young men tell of a disastrous 12-day boat voyage with little food, 3 capsizings, motor breakdowns, and 22-foot waves

Evening News

  Vietnam     New bird flu outbreak  Vietnam has confirmed a lethal H5N1 outbreak among its domestic poultry in the south of the country

  United Arab Emirates Blair warns of 'global struggle'  Prime Minister: The world has to wake up to the struggle between the forces of moderation and of extremism

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