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War & Army Main Event: Bush: Army need to in...
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12-20 Bush: Army need to increase in size Washington
2. 12-20 Heavy fighting erupts Somalia
D. 12-20 Al Qaeda's No. 2 rejects elections Qatar
4. 12-20 U.S. capture al Qaeda in Iraq leader Mosul
F. 12-20 Holocaust denier to be released Austria
G. 12-20 Hard Iraq choices loom, says Bush Washington
H. 12-20 Putin celebrates 'glorious' spy service Moscow
I. 12-20 Chavez demands US 'drug apology' Venezuela
J. 12-20 Calderon: Jobs key to ending flight to US Mexico


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Morning News

Dec.20   Washington     Bush: Army need to increase in size
  President said he thinks the US needs to increase the permanent size of the Army and the Marines

  Somalia   Heavy fighting erupts
  A deadline from Islamists for Ethiopia to withdraw troops from Somalia expired. There is a mortar fire at Daynunay

  Qatar     Al Qaeda's No. 2 rejects elections  Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new videotaped statement that said 'holding elections won't lead to Palestine's liberation'

  Mosul U.S. capture al Qaeda in Iraq leader  The captured in Mosul was responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths and housed foreign fighters

  Austria Holocaust denier to be released  An appeals court has ruled that UK historian David Irving should be released on probation

Day News

  Washington     Hard Iraq choices loom, says Bush   Bush said he had not yet decided whether to boost troop numbers in Iraq

  Moscow Putin celebrates 'glorious' spy service  The President, who served as a KGB spy, saluted Russia's secret services for their role in guarding national interests

  Venezuela Chavez demands US 'drug apology'  The president has called on the US ambassador to retract his assertion that drug trafficking in the country is rising

  Mexico Calderon: Jobs key to ending flight to US  Felipe Calderon visited the U.S.-Mexico border and said he will focus on creating jobs to keep Mexicans at home

Evening News

  Turkmenistan   President Niyazov dies aged 66 Map of Turkmenistan
  The authoritarian president Saparmurat Niyazov, who ruled the country for 21 years. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest
 Niyazov became Communist Party chief of a Soviet republic in 1985 and was elected first president of independent country in 1991. In 1999 Turkmenbashi, or Leader of all Turkmens, was made president-for-life by the legislative body

  Baghdad     Suicide bomber kills 12  A bomber wearing an explosives-laden belt blew himself up outside the police academy

  European Union EU fish quota deal hammered out  The ministers have reached a deal to regulate permitted catches in 2007, aimed at stimulating the recovery of stocks

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