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Justice Main Event: Somalis 'at war' with Et...
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12-21 Somalis 'at war' with Ethiopia Somalia
2. 12-21 Cleric cleared over Bali bombings Indonesia
D. 12-21 Bomb sparks Shell pullout Niger Delta, Nigeria Delta
E. 12-21 Triplets for woman with two wombs United Kingdom
5. 12-21 Marines charged in Haditha killings Washington
G. 12-21 Carnage as Somalia 'in state of war' Somalia
7. 12-21 Man charged with Suffolk murders England
I. 12-21 Holocaust denier: No need for remorse London
9. 12-21 First lady to miss trial Taiwan


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Morning News

Dec.21   Somalia     Somalis 'at war' with Ethiopia
  The leader of the Union of Islamic Courts says they are in a state of war with Ethiopia

  Indonesia Cleric cleared over Bali bombings  Indonesia overturned a terror conviction against Abu Bakar Bashir, who served 2.5 years for conspiracy in the 2002 bombings

  Nigeria Delta Bomb sparks Shell pullout  The largest oil operator in Nigeria began evacuating expatriate staff dependants from the Niger Delta

  United Kingdom Triplets for woman with two wombs  Hannah Kersey, 23, with two wombs is the first in the world with the condition to give birth to triplets

Day News

  Washington   Marines charged in Haditha killings
  4 Marines have been charged with murder in the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians, and 4 officers are accused of failing to investigate
 Marine Corps: An investigation into the killings found initial reports were 'inaccurate and untimely'. If found guilty of 2nd-degree murder, the marines could face life imprisonment

  Somalia Carnage as Somalia 'in state of war'  The country's Islamic leader: Somalia is in 'a state of war'. The bodies lay in the streets of strategic villages

  England Man charged with Suffolk murders  48-year-old Stephen Wright has been charged with murdering 5 women whose bodies were found near Ipswich

  London Holocaust denier: No need for remorse  British writer David Irving returned after he was released early from an Austrian prison -- vowing to repeat his views

  Taiwan First lady to miss trial  Doctors have told the wife of President Chen Shui-bian not to attend the 2nd session of her embezzlement trial

  Mozambique Mozambique warned over AIDS crisis  IMF: AIDS is emerging as a major threat to economic development and the government must work harder

Evening News

  England     Flu 'could wipe out 62 million'  The experts in The Lancet predict the toll today would be higher than in 1918, despite medical advances

  Peru Ex-President accused in forgery scheme  A anti-corruption judge has charged Alejandro Toledo with a scheme to forge signatures to register his political party

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