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12-26 Pipeline explosion kills at least 260 Nigeria
C. 12-26 Castro's ailment 'is not cancer' Cuba
3. 12-26 Powerful quake strikes off Taiwan Taiwan
E. 12-26 Death sentence for Saddam upheld Baghdad
F. 12-26 Islamic forces retreat Somalia
6. 12-26 Blair flight overshoots runway Miami
H. 12-26 Gerald Ford dies Southern California
I. 12-26 Nigeria mourns pipeline victims Nigeria


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Morning News

Dec.26   Nigeria   Pipeline explosion kills at least 260
  A massive explosion and fire ignited as crowds carried away buckets of fuel from a tapped fuel pipeline
 Extreme heat has prevented rescuers from recovering bodie. The fire burned for 12 hours after the blast. Many of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition

  Cuba     Castro's ailment 'is not cancer'
  A leading Spanish surgeon who to examined Cuban leader says he does not have cancer or need further surgery

  Taiwan   Powerful quake strikes off Taiwan
  7.1 earthquake is prompting fears of a tsunami on the second anniversary of the quake and deadly waves
 1 person died and t3hree were injured in the southern city of Pintung

  Baghdad   Death sentence for Saddam upheld  Iraq's Appeals Court rejected an appeal by Saddam Hussein timeline">Saddam Hussein's lawyers and confirmed that he would be hanged

Day News

  Somalia     Islamic forces retreat
  The government and Ethiopian troops advanced toward the capital as Islamists bloodied by a week of artillery attacks

  Miami Blair flight overshoots runway  A British Airways plane carrying 343 passengers including Tony Blair and his family has overshot a runway in Miami

Evening News

  Southern California   Gerald Ford dies
  Born in 1913 he was the 38th (19741977) President and the first appointed to the VP under the 25th Amendment
 Former US President has died aged 93, former First Lady Betty Ford has said. Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. became the first (and to date, only) president in U.S. history to fill that office without having been elected either President or Vice-President. Ford had become the longest-living US president

  Nigeria Nigeria mourns pipeline victims  President Obasanjo is 'shocked and saddened' by the vandalisation of an oil pipeline that led to at least 260 deaths

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