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12-28 Mogadishu falls to government troops Mogadishu, Somalia
2. 12-28 'Hijack' drama on Russian plane Czech Republic
3. 12-28 Rio hit by deadly gang violence Rio de Janeiro
E. 12-28 US body backs sale of cloned food Washington
5. 12-28 Sources: Hussein to hang this weekend Baghdad
G. 12-28 Government seeks control Mogadishu, Somalia
H. 12-28 Thousands bid farewell to Brown New York
8. 12-28 Togo legalizes abortion in rape, incest Togo
J. 12-28 Train rams bus; at least 22 die Mexico


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Morning News

Dec.28   Somalia   Mogadishu falls to government troops Map of Mogadishu Somalia
  Triumphant government fighters backed by Ethiopian tanks and jets enter Mogadishu

  Czech Republic 'Hijack' drama on Russian plane  A passenger plane has made a landing after a man tried to enter the cockpit, saying he had an explosive device

  Rio de Janeiro Rio hit by deadly gang violence  Gang attacks on buses and police stations have left at least 18 people dead,

Day News

  Washington   US body backs sale of cloned food
  The Food and Drug Administration: Meat and milk from cloned animals is safe for human consumption

  Baghdad     Sources: Hussein to hang this weekend  Hussein will be transferred from U.S. to Iraqi custody within the next day

  Somalia   Government seeks control Map of Mogadishu Somalia  The government is making moves to assert its authority over Mogadishu

  New York Thousands bid farewell to Brown  Thousands of people have gathered in the Harlem district to pay tribute to soul star James Brown, who died aged 73

  Togo Togo legalizes abortion in rape, incest  Togo becomes one of few African countries to legalize abortion if the pregnancy is the result of rape or an incest

  Mexico Train rams bus; at least 22 die  A freight train slammed into a passenger bus and dragged it down the tracks in central Mexico

Evening News

  Somalia   Somalia OKs humanitarian flights  The U.N.-backed transitional government approved the immediate resumption of humanitarian flights

  Spain Argentine 'Death squad' man held  Rodolfo Almiron was a police officer who is alleged to have been a leader of a far-right death squad during the 1970s

San Francisco Bay Area , December 28, 2006 Timeline