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Crime Main Event: Saddam Hussein hanged
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1. 12-29 'No delays' to Hussein execution Baghdad
2. 12-29 Police find child skeletons New Delhi
D. 12-29 Mogadishu crowds greet Somali PM Somalia
4. 12-29 UK arrests four wanted by Rwanda London
F. 12-29 Walchhofer claims downhill double Italy
G. 12-29 2 crew die in U.S. submarine tragedy Devon, England
H. 12-29 Ship 'sinks in storm'. 600 missing Kalimantan, Indonesia
12-29 Saddam Hussein hanged Baghdad


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Morning News

Dec.29   Baghdad     'No delays' to Hussein execution
  Hussein lawyer: Different sources think Hussein will be hanged Saturday

  New Delhi   Police find child skeletons
  The bags containing the clothes and skeletons of a number of small children were discovered in Noida, 12 miles from the capital

  Arctic   Ice shelf snaps, breaks free from Arctic
  The size of 11,000 football fields of ice broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island

  Somalia   Mogadishu crowds greet Somali PM   The interim Prime Minister Ali Mohamad Ghedi has entered the capital, who has declared 3-months of martial law

  London UK arrests four wanted by Rwanda  4 Rwandans were arrested on provisional extradition warrants, charged with crimes related to the 1994 killings of of Tutsi

Day News

  Italy Walchhofer claims downhill double  The Austrian won his second World Cup downhill in 2 days with a convincing victory on Bormio's icy Stelvio course

  England 2 crew die in U.S. submarine tragedy  4 crewmen were working in poor weather on the outside of the USS Minneapolis-St Paul off the Devon coast

Evening News

  Indonesia   Ship 'sinks in storm'. 600 missing Map of Kalimantan Indonesia
  A ferry carrying around 850 passengers was travelling from Semarang in Central Java to the port of Kumai in Kalimantan
 Storms and high winds were hampering the rescue effort. The boat sunk about 40 km off Mandalika island. Only 66 people recovered

  Baghdad     Saddam Hussein hanged
  The celebrations broke out after Hussein was dead. There was dancing around the body. The execution was videotaped
 He was convicted of killings in the town of Dujail 25 years ago. U.S. district judge refused a request to stay the execution. Hussein executed before Eid Al-Adha, a holiday. The law does not permit executions during religious holidays

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