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1. 12-03 Pinochet has heart attack Santiago, Chile
C. 12-03 Safin wins Davis Cup for Russia Moscow
3. 12-03 Venezuelans to vote on president Venezuela
E. 12-03 Lawyers lodge Saddam death appeal Baghdad
5. 12-03 More protests as political crisis deepens Beirut
G. 12-03 Poisoned spy probe widens to U.S., Russia London
H. 12-03 Typhoon death toll may be 'thousands' Philippines
8. 12-03 Chavez sees election win Venezuela
12-03 Chavez wins by wide margin Venezuela


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Morning News

Dec.3   Chile     Pinochet has heart attack Map of Santiago Chile
  The 91-year-old former military leader is in a serious but stable condition in a military hospital in Santiago

  Moscow   Safin wins Davis Cup for Russia  Former world number beat Argentina's Acasuso 6-3 3-6 6-3 7-6 as Russia won the Davis Cup for the second time

  Venezuela     Venezuelans to vote on president  Hugo Chavez is predicting a crushing victory. He is running against former Zulia state Gov. Manuel Rosales

  Baghdad Lawyers lodge Saddam death appeal  Lawyers for Hussein have lodged an appeal against the death sentence for crimes against humanity

  Beirut More protests as political crisis deepens  Thousands of pro-Syrians pressed on with a sit-in aimed at ousting the government intent on holding on to power

  London Poisoned spy probe widens to U.S., Russia  An inquiry was expanding. As investigators visited Washington and prepared to travel to Moscow

  Philippines Typhoon death toll may be 'thousands'  Relief efforts faced delays for survivors of Durian. More people are believed to be buried under the mud

Day News

  Venezuela     Chavez sees election win  Even before all polling stations closed, Chavez supporters celebrated in the streets

Evening News

  Venezuela     Chavez wins by wide margin
  Hugo Chavez takes 61% of vote to challenger's 38% to win re-election to another 6-year term
 Turnout was 62%. Hundreds of Chavez supporters set off fireworks and cruised downtown Caracas in caravans, honking horns. The president told a crowd that the poll had been a triumph for his 'Bolivarian' revolution. Manuel Rosales has admitted defeat

  UN     UN chief tells of Iraq war sorrow  Secretary General Kofi Annan: The situation in Iraq has become 'much worse' than a civil war

  Fiji Army takes over police base  Soldiers have taken over the headquarters of the only armed police unit, fuelling speculation of a military coup

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