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Politics Main Event: Madrid bomb shatters ET...
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12-30 Madrid bomb shatters ETA cease-fire Madrid
2. 12-30 PM: Saddam death 'ends dark chapter' Baghdad
3. 12-30 No Arab euphoria at Saddam death Arab Countries
E. 12-30 Jordans file for divorce Chicago
5. 12-30 Castro issues New Year's message Cuba
6. 12-30 Spanish PM suspends Eta dialogue Spain
7. 12-30 Saddam is buried in home village Iraq
I. 12-30 Hunt for ship survivors Java, Indonesia


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Morning News

Dec.30   Madrid     Madrid bomb shatters ETA cease-fire Map of Madrid
  Spain has blamed a powerful bomb explosion at the country's busiest airport on Basque separatist group
 Spanish PM suspends ETA dialogue

  Baghdad     PM: Saddam death 'ends dark chapter'  Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has said the former leader had faced his fate 'like all tyrants'

  Arab Countries No Arab euphoria at Saddam death  The news of the execution has been greeted with a mixture of surprise and anger in some quarters

Day News

  Chicago Jordans file for divorce  Michael and his wife, Juanita, filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage

  Cuba Castro issues New Year's message  The ailing President has said he is recovering slowly from his surgery and thanked his people for their courage

  Spain Spanish PM suspends Eta dialogue  Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has said he is suspending all moves towards dialogue with the separatist group after a car bomb

Evening News

  Iraq     Saddam is buried in home village
  Former Iraqi President, hanged for crimes against humanity, has been buried in the village where he was born

  Indonesia Hunt for ship survivors  Rescue teams are searching for survivors after a ferry carrying about 600 people sank off the coast of Java

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