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12-05 Russia: No Litvinenko extraditions Moscow
C. 12-05 Defeated England reduced to Ashes Australia
D. 12-05 R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq U.S. Senate
E. 12-05 Deposed PM leaves capital Fiji
F. 12-05 Tense Beirut buries unrest victim Beirut
G. 12-05 PM seeks conferences to stem carnage Baghdad
7. 12-05 Anger at blaze verdict Paraguay
8. 12-05 Scaramella: I warned poisoned spy London
9. 12-05 'Suicide blast' kills six Kandahar


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Morning News

Dec.5   Moscow     Russia: No Litvinenko extraditions   Prosecutor-General: Russia will refuse to extradite any suspects in the poisoning death of a former spy to Britain

  Australia Defeated England reduced to Ashes  Australia beat England by 6 wickets with 19 balls to spare on a final day to win the 2nd test and take a 2-0 lead

  U.S. Senate R. Gates: US not winning conflict in Iraq  Defence Secretary nominee has told a Senate committee that the US is not winning the war

Day News

  Fiji   Deposed PM leaves capital  Laisenia Qarase had gone to his home on the islands of Lau at the request of the military

  Beirut Tense Beirut buries unrest victim  Shiite Muslims buried a young man killed in street clashes in a Sunni neighborhood

  Baghdad PM seeks conferences to stem carnage  Nuri al-Maliki proposed holding regional and domestic conferences aimed at unity and stability

  Paraguay Anger at blaze verdict  Clashes have broken out after the verdict on the owner of a shopping mall where more than 350 died was heard

Evening News

  London Scaramella: I warned poisoned spy  The Italian security consultant said he met with the ex-spy Litvinenko to warn his life was in danger

  Kandahar 'Suicide blast' kills six  A bomber blew himself up near the security company in front of a building in Kandahar

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