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12-06 Iraq Study Group: Situation grave Washington
C. 12-06 Sri Lanka invokes anti-terror law Sri Lanka
D. 12-06 Australia overturns cloning ban Australia
4. 12-06 Army warns against uprising Fiji
F. 12-06 France: Iran facing U.N. sanctions Paris
G. 12-06 Oxfam warning on homeless Aceh
H. 12-06 Iraqi leaders play down U.S. study report Baghdad
I. 12-06 Kabila sweared in Congo
9. 12-06 Afghan optimism hit by violence Afghanistan


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Morning News

Dec.6   Washington   Iraq Study Group: Situation grave
  The report given to President Bush says the U.S. needs to change its strategy to tackle the deteriorating situation
 Report calls for a diplomatic offensive, end U.S. combat role by 2008. U.S. mission should evolve to role of supporting Iraqi Army. Bush, Congress must cooperate. Iraqi government needs to show progress or risk cuts in aid

  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka invokes anti-terror law  The cabinet has announced sweeping measures after months of worsening violence between security forces and rebels

  Australia Australia overturns cloning ban  The parliament has lifted a ban on cloning human embryos for stem cell research, despite opposition from the PM

  Fiji Army warns against uprising  The military ruler Bainimarama installed a new prime minister and warned he could use force against dissenters

  Paris France: Iran facing U.N. sanctions  France's foreign minister: Iran will face Security Council sanctions for refusing to halt its nuclear program

Day News

  Aceh Oxfam warning on homeless  More than 25,000 landless families in Aceh are still waiting for new homes following the 2004 tsunami

Evening News

  Baghdad   Iraqi leaders play down U.S. study report  The Iraqi government said that a report was in line with its own plans to stop the rampant violence in the country

  Congo Kabila sweared in  A rebel leader's son was sworn as Congo's first freely elected president in more than four decades

  Afghanistan Afghan optimism hit by violence  An opinion poll suggests optimism about the country's future has fallen significantly in the last year

  Cuba Raul Castro frees ailing dissident from jail  Cuba freed Hector Palacios on medical parole in the first release of a government opponent under acting President

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