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Politics Main Event: Bush and Blair held Whi...
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12-07 Bush and Blair held White House talks Washington
2. 12-07 Islamist warning for peacekeeper force Somalia
D. 12-07 Riot probe confirms chase Paris
E. 12-07 Equestrian rider killed at Asian Games Qatar
F. 12-07 Death sentences for U.S. warship attack Jordan
G. 12-07 Russia opens spy poison probe Moscow
7. 12-07 Hezbollah leader urges defiance Beirut
8. 12-07 Shuttle night lift-off postponed Florida
9. 12-07 Bush says Iraq policy will change Washington


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Morning News

Dec.7   Washington     Bush and Blair held White House talks
  Bush told reporters that 'an Iraq that can govern itself is a noble goal'

  Somalia   Islamist warning for peacekeeper force  The Islamists have warned they will fight any peacekeepers sent there, after the UN approved the force

  Paris Riot probe confirms chase  An internal police report has confirmed that police were chasing 2 youths whose deaths sparked riots

  Qatar Equestrian rider killed at Asian Games  The death of South Korean Kim Hyung-chil overshadowed the start of 6th day of competition

  Jordan Death sentences for U.S. warship attack  A Jordanian court sentenced 3 Syrians and an Iraqi for last year's attack in the port of Aqaba that killed a Jordanian soldier

  Moscow Russia opens spy poison probe  Prosecutor General's office: Russia has opened a criminal case in the poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko

Day News

  Beirut Hezbollah leader urges defiance  Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to continue mass protests calling for government, led by Fouad Siniora, to resign

  Florida Shuttle night lift-off postponed  Nasa has called off the launch of its 3rd space shuttle mission in 6 months because of poor weather

Evening News

  Washington     Bush says Iraq policy will change
  Bush and Blair have said that the US and UK must adopt a new approach to Iraq

  Baghdad   Iraq plans international, regional summits
  Iraq will hold 2 conferences on its dire situation, one to include the UN and Arab League, and the other only its neighbors

  Somalia   Rains bring no relief to starving Somalis  Somalis are still suffering from hunger linked to 2005 scorching drought

  Brazil Chavez promotes S. American gas pipeline  Newly re-elected Venezuelan leader received a bear-hug welcome from President Silva as he began promoting S. American alliance

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