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B. 12-08 Coalition: crackdown kills 20 insurgents Iraq
C. 12-08 Martyn in shock Ashes retirement Melbourne
3. 12-08 Fiji suspended from Commonwealth London
E. 12-08 'Heavy fighting' in town of Dinsoor Somalia
5. 12-08 Annan to press world on 'horror' of Sudan UN
6. 12-08 Outbursts deepen Lebanon crisis Beirut
12-08 Tests 'prove' Diana driver drunk Paris
I. 12-08 US pilots charged in Amazon jetliner crash Sao Paulo
9. 12-08 Kurds brand report 'unrealistic' Kurdistan


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Morning News

Dec.8   Iraq   Coalition: crackdown kills 20 insurgents
  Coalition forces destroyed weapons caches and arrested 7 suspected terrorists in 2 security sweeps

  Melbourne Martyn in shock Ashes retirement  35-year-old Australian batsman has announced his immediate retirement from first-class cricket

  London Fiji suspended from Commonwealth  The Commonwealth has suspended membership in protest at its recent military coup, followed a meeting of foreign ministers

  Somalia 'Heavy fighting' in town of Dinsoor  Government fighters, backed up by Ethiopian troops, have attacked Islamist positions

  UN Annan to press world on 'horror' of Sudan  Secretary General says there is more than enough blame to shared all around

  Beirut Outbursts deepen Lebanon crisis  Prime Minister Saniora sharply denounced Hezbollah and its leader

Day News

  Paris   Tests 'prove' Diana driver drunk
  DNA tests on blood samples appear to prove Henri Paul was drunk on the night of her fatal accident

  Sao Paulo     US pilots charged in Amazon jetliner crash  Brazilian federal police charged 2 New York pilots involved in a collision with exposing an aircraft to danger

  Kurdistan   Kurds brand report 'unrealistic'  The leader of Kurdish region Massoud Barzani says the US Iraq Study Group report is 'unrealistic and inappropriate'

  Mexico 3 dead, 80 at large after prison riot  About 1,000 prisoners rioted in a Cancun state penitentiary early, overpowering guards with knives and bats

Evening News

  Moscow   Hospital fire killed 45 women
  A fire at Hospital 17, a drug rehabilitation hospital, has killed mostly young addicts
 A suspicious fire was combined with a blocked exit. The fire erupted in a wooden cabinet in a kitchen

  Somalia   Somalia militia fighting Ethiopian troops  It the first time the Islamic militia fought directly with Ethiopian troops

  House of Representatives   House backs India nuclear bill  The House of Representatives has voted, 330 to 59, in favour of allowing the export of civilian nuclear fuel to India

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