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Politics Main Event: Blast shakes Shiite hol...
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12-09 Blast shakes Shiite holy city Southern Iraq
2. 12-09 Bush sees US consensus over Iraq Washington
3. 12-09 Women demand end to Darfur rapes Darfur
E. 12-09 Hungary salutes footballer Puskas Hungary
5. 12-09 Early election talk angers Hamas Palestine
6. 12-09 Shuttle lifts off in night launch Cape Canaveral, Florida
H. 12-09 Troops take to streets Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Morning News

Dec.9   Southern Iraq   Blast shakes Shiite holy city
  A car bomb explosion rocked Karbala, killing at least five people and wounding another 44

  Washington     Bush sees US consensus over Iraq  The President is confident Americans can move beyond political differences and agree a new direction leading to victory

  Darfur Women demand end to Darfur rapes  International stateswomen have made a joint call for an end to sexual violence in conflict-torn region

  Hungary Hungary salutes footballer Puskas  Tens of thousands of people have attended a memorial service at the national stadium honouring legendary footballer

Evening News

  Palestine     Early election talk angers Hamas  The PLO's executive committee has backed early elections to end the deadlock over forming a unity government

  Florida     Shuttle lifts off in night launch Map of Cape Canaveral Florida  The Discovery has lifted off from Cape Canaveral, the first night shuttle launch in 4 years

  Bangladesh Troops take to streets  The interim government has deployed army troops in Dhaka ahead of January's general elections.

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