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Politics Main Event: Russia cuts gas supplies
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01-01 Russia cuts gas supplies Ukraine
C. 01-01 Italian hostages freed in Gaza, Yemen Gaza
3. 01-01 Austria sees constitution on hold Austria
E. 01-01 Bird flu suspect dies Turkey
F. 01-01 Ukraine gas row hits EU supplies Hungary
6. 01-01 Italians revel in hostage releases Italy
7. 01-01 Ex-official accused of treason Syria
I. 01-01 Rain cools bushfires Sydney
J. 01-01 Steelers, Panthers, Redskins in playoff USA


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Jan.1   Ukraine   Russia cuts gas supplies
  Russia has begun shutting off a pipeline after last-ditch talks failed to settle a price dispute

  Gaza     Italian hostages freed in Gaza, Yemen
  A man who was abducted in the Gaza town of Khan Yunis has been released

  Austria Austria sees constitution on hold  Fischer, taken over the presidency of the EU, expects no major moves towards an EU constitution this year

Day News

  Turkey     Bird flu suspect dies
  A 14-year-old boy was one of 6 people tested for bird flu, and his sister was in a critical and worsening condition

  Hungary     Ukraine gas row hits EU supplies
  Hungary and Poland were the first to have supplies disrupted, as Moscow accused Kiev of stealing EU supplies

  Italy   Italians revel in hostage releases  4 of their countrymen had been released by separate kidnappers in Yemen and Gaza

  Syria   Ex-official accused of treason  Baath Party stripped Abdul-Halim Khaddam of membership and demanded his trial on a charge of high treason

  Sydney Rain cools bushfires  Cooler weather and light rain helped firefighters battling scores of bushfires that destroyed 15 homes

Evening News

  USA Steelers, Panthers, Redskins in playoff  A 5th or 6th seed has never made it to the Super Bowl in the 12-team format

  Baghdad Car bombs wound 13  A series of 8 bombs went off across Baghdad, most when police patrols were nearby

  Texas Bush defends US spying program  President has strongly defended his domestic spying program, which involves eavesdropping

  Kenya Convicts give up lunch for famine relief  Thousands of prisoners skipped their New Year's lunch and instead sent the food to affected by food shortages

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