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Politics Main Event: Police holds 20 'Iraq r...
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01-10 Police holds 20 'Iraq recruiters' Spain
2. 01-10 Sharon moves left hand Jerusalem
3. 01-10 West slams Iran nuclear moves Iran
4. 01-10 Cabinet in gas crisis Kiev
5. 01-10 EU leaders consider Iran action European Union
6. 01-10 North Korea leader 'visits China' Beijing
7. 01-10 Bush: Year of testing ahead in Iraq Washington
I. 01-10 3 dead in mine quake South Africa
J. 01-10 First meeting for 'Kyoto rival' Sydney


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Morning News

Jan.10   Spain   Police holds 20 'Iraq recruiters'
  Police have arrested 20 militant Islamists thought to have recruited and trained sympathisers to join the insurgency

  Jerusalem     Sharon moves left hand  Prime Minister moved his left hand, and his right hand and right leg with more strength than before

  Iran West slams Iran nuclear moves  Iran after removed U.N. seals from at least one nuclear facility and resumed research work

  Kiev Cabinet in gas crisis  The parliament has voted in favour of sacking the government over its gas deal with Russia

Day News

  European Union   EU leaders consider Iran action  Britain, France and Germany may meet to discuss Iran's resumption of nuclear research

  Beijing North Korea leader 'visits China'  Secretive Kim Jong Il traveled to China, raising hopes of a resumption of talks on the North's nuclear program

  Washington Bush: Year of testing ahead in Iraq  President urged Iraqis to put aside political, religious differences to form a government of national unity

  South Africa 3 dead in mine quake  An earthquake jarred rocks loose inside a gold mine. 12 people were trapped by a seismic event

  Sydney First meeting for 'Kyoto rival'  The first ministerial meeting of a alliance promising economic growth with low carbon emissions has opened

Evening News

  USA   Poll finds U.S. split over eavesdropping  50% believe it's OK to forgo warrants when surveillance people suspected of having ties to terrorists abroad

  Southern China     2 more bird flu deaths Map of Guangxi China  The two victims died in December, one in Guangxi province and the other in Jiangxi

  Sydney Private firms 'can help climate'  US Energy Secretary Bodman has said the private sector will solve the problem of climate change

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