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1. 01-13 Bush, Merkel united on Iran nuclear issue Washington
C. 01-13 Hajj: Saudis, pilgrims trade blame Saudi Arabia
3. 01-13 Cabinet sacks army chief Catalonia, Spain
E. 01-13 Doctors concerned Sharon not awake Jerusalem
01-13 Airstrike targeted al-Zawahiri West Pakistan
G. 01-13 Man who shot pope fails to report to police Turkey
7. 01-13 Chavez attacks U.S. block on plane deal Venezuela
8. 01-13 Europe 'complicit over CIA jails' Switzerland
J. 01-13 Avalanches feared after snow Japan


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Morning News

Jan.13   Washington     Bush, Merkel united on Iran nuclear issue  President said that Iran, 'armed with a nuclear weapon, poses a grave threat'

  Saudi Arabia     Hajj: Saudis, pilgrims trade blame  Saudis are blaming unruly pilgrims, but many Muslims say better security could have averted the disaster

  Spain Cabinet sacks army chief  The cabinet has sacked Lt Gen Mena, whose comments about sending the army into Catalonia sparked controvers

  Jerusalem Doctors concerned Sharon not awake  Prime Minister remained comatose and in critical condition Friday,. His doctors were increasingly concerned

Day News

  West Pakistan   Airstrike targeted al-Zawahiri
  A CIA strike on a building in village near the Afghan border may have killed Osama bin Laden's most-trusted aide

  Turkey Man who shot pope fails to report to police  Mehmet Ali Agca failed to report to a police station and authorities said the military could ask for his arrest

  Venezuela Chavez attacks U.S. block on plane deal  Venezuelan President blasted a U.S. block on a Spanish military deal with his government as 'horrific imperialism'

  Switzerland Europe 'complicit over CIA jails'  A Swiss senator Marty carrying out an inquiry has said he has no doubt illegal secret detention centers exist

Evening News

  Japan   Avalanches feared after snow
  weathermen forecast warmer temperatures and rains in areas hit by recent record snowfalls

  Darfur   AU backs UN plan for Sudan force
  The African Union has said it backs proposals for a UN peacekeeping force in the region

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