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Politics Main Event: Emir dead
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1. 01-14 'Zawahiri' strike sparks protest West Pakistan
C. 01-14 Al-Zawahiri not among 18 killed in airstrike Pakistan
3. 01-14 Ahmadinejad lashes back at critics Iran
E. 01-14 Saddam judge 'resigns from trial' Baghdad
F. 01-14 5 killed in mine blast Romania
G. 01-14 Sharon's tests show brain activity Jerusalem
01-14 Emir dead Kuwait
I. 01-14 Broncos topple Pats, 27-13 Denver, Colorado


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Morning News

Jan.14   West Pakistan   'Zawahiri' strike sparks protest
  A missile strike in a village in Pakistan has prompted Islamabad to protest to its American allies

  Pakistan   Al-Zawahiri not among 18 killed in airstrike  Pakistani intelligence official: al-Zawahiri was not killed in a CIA airstrike on a remote village

  Iran     Ahmadinejad lashes back at critics  President painted Western nations as bullies and insisted his nation has the right to conduct nuclear research

  Baghdad     Saddam judge 'resigns from trial'  Rizgar Mohammed Amin, the chief judge in the trial of former Iraqi leader, has tendered his resignation

  Romania 5 killed in mine blast  2 more are missing after the explosion may have been caused by an accumulation of gas

Day News

  Jerusalem     Sharon's tests show brain activity  Prime Minister remains comatose 10 days after suffering a massive stroke that resulted in brain hemorrhaging

  Seattle Seahawks win over Redskins  Despite losing Alexander to a concussion, Seattle ended their 21-year postseason drought

Evening News

  Kuwait   Emir dead
  Sheik Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, has died, state TV reported. He was the 13th ruler of a 245-year-old dynasty

  Colorado Broncos topple Pats, 27-13  It's Denver's first postseason win since the 1998 Super Bowl

  Japan Thaw brings avalanche risk  Winter weather eases to bring a thaw to one of the heaviest snowfalls on record

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