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Crime Main Event: Iran crisis: World powers ...
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01-17 Iran crisis: World powers at odds Moscow
C. 01-17 Hingis sharp in opener Melbourne
3. 01-17 Elderly killer put to death San Francisco Bay Area
E. 01-17 Calls for fresh Cup safety review Germany
F. 01-17 Judges back assisted suicide U.S. Supreme Court
6. 01-17 Caller threatens al Qaeda attack on U.N. Pakistan
H. 01-17 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike Pakistan
I. 01-17 EU bird flu funding rises to $120m European Union
9. 01-17 Journalist's kidnappers make demands Baghdad


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Morning News

Jan.17   Moscow   Iran crisis: World powers at odds
  Russia and China: Sanctions are not the best way to resolve international concerns over nuclear program

  Melbourne Hingis sharp in opener  The Swiss star was routing 30th-seeded Zvonareva 6-1, 6-2 in the first round of the Australian Open

  San Francisco Bay Area Elderly killer put to death  California's oldest condemned inmate Clarence Ray Allen needed an extra dose of a lethal chemical

  Germany Calls for fresh Cup safety review  A report by consumer group Stiftung Warentest is criticising the safety of the World Cup's stadia

  U.S. Supreme Court Judges back assisted suicide  The Supreme Court has upheld a law allowing Oregon doctors to help terminally ill patients die

  Pakistan Caller threatens al Qaeda attack on U.N.  A phone call forced the United Nations to temporarily close offices in southwestern Pakistan

  Pakistan 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike  The purported airstrike aimed at al Qaeda's No. 2 leader in a Pakistani border village

  European Union EU bird flu funding rises to $120m  The Union is increasing its funding in the battle against a possible pandemic

Day News

  Baghdad   Journalist's kidnappers make demands
  The kidnappers who abducted Jill Carroll, 28, demanded that the U.S. release all female Iraqi prisoners in 72 hours

  Beijing     Donors to boost bird flu effort  Donor countries meeting are preparing to pledge up to $1.5bn to fight bird flu worldwide

  Jerusalem PM says Iran must not acquire nukes  Israeli diplomats departed for Russia to discuss deep concerns about Iran's nuclear facilities

  Ivory Coast Party quits peace process  The ruling party is pulling out of both the transitional government and talks on the divided nation's future

Evening News

  Kenya 3.5 million Kenyans face starvation  Aid agencies do not have money to feed millions of Kenyans hit by food shortages

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