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01-20 Shiite-led alliance wins election Baghdad
2. 01-20 Freeze kills at least 40 Moscow
D. 01-20 Pope gunman freedom ended Turkey
4. 01-20 Lone plane crash survivor called wife Hungary
F. 01-20 Faction lays down arms Colombia


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Morning News

Jan.20   Baghdad   Shiite-led alliance wins election
  Most powerful Muslim alliance won the most seats but not a clear majority in the first constitutional parliament

  Moscow   Freeze kills at least 40
  Arctic temperatures are gripping most of Russia. No major thaw is expected before February

  East Timor Indonesia's abuses listed  East Timor has presented the UN with a report describing widespread atrocities during 24-year annexation

  Turkey Pope gunman freedom ended  Court ruled that Mehmet Ali Agca, 48, should serve more time in jail for killing a journalist in 1979

  Hungary Lone plane crash survivor called wife  The survivor from the crash of a Slovak plane reached his wife on a cell phone after escaping the wreckage

Evening News

  Colombia Faction lays down arms  About 2,600 paramilitaries have taken part in the biggest disarmament drive of the peace process

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