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Politics Main Event: 200 arrested in protests
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01-21 200 arrested in protests Nepal
2. 01-21 President Rugova dies at 61 Kosovo
D. 01-21 2 Iraqi army officers killed in Tikrit Sunni Triangle
E. 01-21 U.S. Muslim group to plead for hostage Baghdad
F. 01-21 Rescuers lift whale out of Thames England
G. 01-21 Great Russian freeze spreads west Eastern Ukraine
7. 01-21 Tributes paid to Kosovo president Kosovo
I. 01-21 African Nations Cup opened Egypt


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Morning News

Jan.21   Nepal   200 arrested in protests
  More than 200 activists and opposition party members were arrested as they organized pro-democracy rallies

  Kosovo   President Rugova dies at 61
  The literary scholar turned politician was the symbol of the fight for Kosovar self-rule. He was 61

  Sunni Triangle 2 Iraqi army officers killed in Tikrit  Gunmen opened fire on their car and killed Maj. Maamoun Younis Abdullah and Army staff Sgt. Salim Athab

  Melbourne Hingis reached fourth round  Martina Hingis continued her remarkable return to grand slam by crushing Benesova 6-4 6-1 under a blazing sun

  Baghdad U.S. Muslim group to plead for hostage  Representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations arrived to urge kidnappers to release Jill Carroll

  England Rescuers lift whale out of Thames  Rescuers were taking whale by barge toward the open sea

  Eastern Ukraine Great Russian freeze spreads west  Severe cold weather now causing chaos in Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Scandinavia

Day News

  Kosovo Tributes paid to Kosovo president  International leaders are vowing to continue his work for a stable future for the province

  Egypt African Nations Cup opened  Striker Drogba converted a first-half penalty to give Ivory Coast a 1-0 victory over Morocco

Evening News

  Nepal   Political parties call for nationwide strike
  The strike is to protest the arrest of hundreds of people who demonstrated in the capital

  Jerusalem Israel warns Iran on nuclear work  Defence minister Shaul Mofaz has warned that Israel will not accept an Iranian nuclear capability

  Colombia Captive Colombians in Chavez plea  12 politicians kidnapped by Marxist rebels have appealed in a video for Venezuelan President to help in their release

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