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01-28 Hall collapse traps many. 66 died Katowice, Poland
C. 01-28 Captors: Last chance for demand Iraq
D. 01-28 Hamas leader: 'Palestinian army' possible Gaza
E. 01-28 Hamas rejects donor 'blackmail' Gaza
F. 01-28 Austrians celebrate triple triumph Italy
6. 01-28 Arena roof falls; 20 dead, 100 trapped Poland
7. 01-28 Six drown in flood Rio de Janeiro
8. 01-28 At least 60 dead in collapse Poland
J. 01-28 Tight security at Lahore marathon Lahore


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Morning News

Jan.28   Poland   Hall collapse traps many. 66 died Map of Katowice Poland
  The roof of a trade hall near the city of Katowice has collapsed with up to 500 people inside the building

  Iraq   Captors: Last chance for demand
  Kidnappers have renewed their threat to kill four Western hostages unless U.S.-led forces release Iraqi prisoners

  Gaza     Hamas leader: 'Palestinian army' possible
  Khaled Mashaal promised reforms and indicated the possibility of a Palestinian army in the wake of the elections

  Gaza     Hamas rejects donor 'blackmail'  A senior Hamas leader has rejected demands that the militant group must renounce violence to prevent aid cuts

  Italy Austrians celebrate triple triumph  Maier takes Garmisch downhill win. Goetschl took the Cortina downhill. Dorfmeister secured the overall downhill title

Day News

  Poland   Arena roof falls; 20 dead, 100 trapped
  As temperatures dipped below 0 F, rescue workers battled to save an estimated 100 people who were trapped

  Rio de Janeiro Six drown in flood  6drowned in an underground parking garage and at least 2 more died in other parts of the city

Evening News

  Poland   At least 60 dead in collapse
  Rescue workers battled to save scores of people trapped under the collapsed roof of an exhibition hall

  Lahore Tight security at Lahore marathon  Thousands of riot police have been deployed to prevent any disruption to a planned mixed-sex mini-marathon

  Iraq Shop attack leaves 10 dead  The bomb had been planted outside a shop in Iskandariya, a Shia town about (25 miles from the capital

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