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1. 01-30 'No progress' from EU-Iran talks Belgium
2. 01-30 Abbas vows to honour peace deals West Bank
3. 01-30 Wounded ABC crew hospitalized Germany
4. 01-30 Rice: No aid to Hamas government England
F. 01-30 Trapped miners rescued Canada
01-30 Quartet: Hamas must change policy UN
H. 01-30 Video of abducted U.S. journalist airs Qatar
8. 01-30 al-Zawahiri taunts U.S. in new video Pakistan
9. 01-30 Danes face growing Muslim storm Denmark


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Morning News

Jan.30   Belgium   'No progress' from EU-Iran talks  Talks between officials in Brussels have ended without progress

  West Bank     Abbas vows to honour peace deals  Palestinian is urging foreign donors to continue giving aid to the territories

  Germany Wounded ABC crew hospitalized  ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman suffered very significant injuries but are in stable condition

  England Rice: No aid to Hamas government  Secretary of State: The U.S. wants other nations to cut off aid to a Hamas-led Palestinian government

  Canada Trapped miners rescued  Officials have rescued all but 5 of 72 trapped underground by a fire. The remaining would reach the surface

Day News

  UN     Quartet: Hamas must change policy
  Annan: The community is to provide aid if the new government commits to non-violence, recognizes Israel

  Qatar Video of abducted U.S. journalist airs  In new footage aired on Al-Jazeera, Carroll urged Americans to plead for the release of female Iraqi prisoners

  Pakistan al-Zawahiri taunts U.S. in new video  Osama bin Laden's right-hand man is saying he is alive and well weeks after a U.S. missile strike targeted him

  Denmark Danes face growing Muslim storm  Denmark has advised citizens against travel to Saudi Arabia, amid anger at depictions of the Prophet Muhammad

Evening News

  England   Iran 'must face Security Council'
  The permanent members of the U.N. Security Council have agreed Iran should be hauled before that body

  England Donors discuss Afghan development  Afghan leaders and international donors are meeting to discuss the ongoing efforts to rebuild the country

  Iraq Bird flu adds fresh woe  A 15-year-old Kurdish girl who died had the deadly H5N1 strain

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