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Health Disaster Main Event: Three new bird f...
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01-08 Three new bird flu cases Ankara, Turkey
C. 01-08 U.S. helicopter crash kills 12 Iraq
3. 01-08 Doctors decide to awaken Sharon Jerusalem
E. 01-08 Strong earthquake Greece
5. 01-08 Bird flu team probes cases Van, Turkey
G. 01-08 2 million pilgrims making Hajj Saudi Arabia
7. 01-08 India 'loses 10m female births' India


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Morning News

Jan.8   Turkey     Three new bird flu cases Map of Ankara Turkey
  2 children and an adult, who were hospitalized in the capital, Ankara, have tested positive

  Iraq     U.S. helicopter crash kills 12
  UH-60 Black Hawk was flying along with another aircraft between bases in the north of the country

  Jerusalem     Doctors decide to awaken Sharon  Doctors at Hadassah Hospital have decided to begin trying to bring PM out of a medically induced coma

  Switzerland Rocca won 4th straight World Cup race  Giorgio Rocca dominated the first leg in a combined time of one minute 39.14 sec.

  Greece Strong earthquake  6.7 earthquake struck southern Greece, rattling much of the country. Minor damage was reported

Evening News

  Turkey     Bird flu team probes cases Map of Van Turkey  International experts have gone to the region of Van to find out how quickly the deadly H5N1 strain is spreading

  Saudi Arabia 2 million pilgrims making Hajj  Moving in cars, vans and on foot, a mass of white-robed pilgrims poured into a tented city at the valley of Mena

  India India 'loses 10m female births'  More than 10m female births in India may have been lost to abortion and sex selection in the past 20 years

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