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Politics Main Event: Nuclear research resumed
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01-09 Nuclear research resumed Iran
2. 01-09 Sharon able to breathe alone Jerusalem
D. 01-09 Suicide bombers kill 23 Iraqi police Baghdad
E. 01-09 Human bird flu spreads Turkey
5. 01-09 PM to defend gas deal Kiev
G. 01-09 Military plane crashes Iran
7. 01-09 Sharon prospects 'still unclear' Jerusalem
8. 01-09 Talks hit sanctions snag North Korea


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Morning News

Jan.9   Iran     Nuclear research resumed
  As expected, Iran said it would resume the program

  Jerusalem     Sharon able to breathe alone
  Israeli Prime Minister, recovering from surgeries after a major stroke, responded to pain stimulus

  Baghdad     Suicide bombers kill 23 Iraqi police  2 bombers disguised as senior police officers killed at least 23 Iraqi police outside the entrance of the Interior Ministry

  Turkey     Human bird flu spreads  Five new human cases have been identified in several provinces, pushing the number of people infected up to 14

  Kiev PM to defend gas deal  Yury Yekhanurov is due to appear before the parliament to defend the recent gas deal with Russia

  Mauritania Australian rider killed on rally  Andy Caldecott died following a crash in the ninth stage of the Dakar Rally. He was 41

  Iran Military plane crashes  A plane with 11 passengers on board has crashed, killing high-ranking officials in Revolutionary Guard Corps

Day News

  Jerusalem Sharon prospects 'still unclear'  Prime Minister faces an uncertain road to recovery, doctors warn, despite being able to breathe on his own

  North Korea Talks hit sanctions snag  N. Korea sees no point in returning to 6-country nuclear talks because of U.S. sanctions

  U.S. Senate Court nominee Alito faces Senate  Hearings on President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court have begun

Evening News

  South Korea   Scientist's embryo cloning faked
  An investigation into the pioneering work of cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk has found further fabrications

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