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1. 11-01 Mandela pays tribute to Botha South Africa
C. 11-01 IDF: 10 Palestinians, 1 soldier killed Gaza
D. 11-01 Pair hit by doping bans Pakistan
E. 11-01 Bombs, mortars mark deadly day Baghdad
11-01 Venezuela, Guatemala quit race UN Security Council
6. 11-01 Sunni leader dismayed by security easing Sadr City
7. 11-01 Airport bars Muslim staff Paris
I. 11-01 Father jailed for mutilation US Georgia
J. 11-01 Rebels kill at least 16 police in attack Colombia


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Morning News

Nov.1   South Africa     Mandela pays tribute to Botha
  Former South African President is remembered for refusing to release Mandela from prison for battling white rule

  Gaza   IDF: 10 Palestinians, 1 soldier killed  Israel said it will continue military operations it launched in Gaza after a night of ground and aerial assaults.

  Pakistan Pair hit by doping bans  Akhtar and Asif have been banned from all international and domestic cricket for failing a drugs test

  Baghdad Bombs, mortars mark deadly day  Bombs and mortars are killing at least 10 people and wounding 21. SUV exploded near the Defense Ministry's gate

Day News

  UN Security Council     Venezuela, Guatemala quit race
  Guatemala and Venezuela agreed to withdraw from the race for a seat on the Security Council and support Panama

  Sadr City   Sunni leader dismayed by security easing Map of Sadr City  The easing of a security crackdown in Sadr City may be emboldening members of Shiite death squads

  Paris Airport bars Muslim staff  More than 70 Muslim workers at Charles de Gaulle airport have been stripped of the security clearance

  US Georgia Father jailed for mutilation  A US court has sentenced Khalid Adem, an Ethiopian immigrant, to 10 years in jail for genital mutilation of his daughter

Evening News

  Colombia Rebels kill at least 16 police in attack  Hundreds of leftist rebels bombarded a police station with makeshift mortars during a pre-dawn attack

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