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War & Army Main Event: Bombers kill 35 Iraq ...
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11-12 Bombers kill 35 Iraq police recruits Baghdad
C. 11-12 US 'open to Iran talks on Iraq' White House, Washington
D. 11-12 PM mulls Cabinet shakeup Baghdad
E. 11-12 Hospital death sparks riot China
5. 11-12 Palestinians: Israeli rocket kills teen Gaza
G. 11-12 Henin-Hardenne crowns great year Spain
7. 11-12 Conflict deaths quadruple Afghanistan
I. 11-12 Cabinet crisis threatens tribunal Beirut
J. 11-12 UN tries to heal religious divide UN


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Morning News

Nov.12   Baghdad     Bombers kill 35 Iraq police recruits
  Two suicide bombers have killed 35 people at a police commando recruiting centre in western Baghdad

  Washington     US 'open to Iran talks on Iraq' Map of White House USA  The White House will consider talking to Iran and Syria about the future of Iraq

  Baghdad PM mulls Cabinet shakeup  Nuri al-Maliki asked parliament to let him replace some of his Cabinet ministers

  China Hospital death sparks riot  About 2,000 people protested outside a hospital after a boy died after mistakenly drinking pesticide

  Gaza Palestinians: Israeli rocket kills teen  An rocket killed a 16-year-old and wounded a Palestinian national guard soldier

  Spain Henin-Hardenne crowns great year  Belgian claimed the first WTA Championships of her career when she beat Mauresmo 6-4 6-3

Evening News

  Afghanistan   Conflict deaths quadruple   A report on the insurgency suggests that more than 3,700 people have died so far in 2006 - about 1,000 of them civilians

  Beirut     Cabinet crisis threatens tribunal  A constitutional crisis is threatening plans for an international tribunal to try those involved in the Hariri's assassination

  UN UN tries to heal religious divide  Secretary General Annan to be presented with a plan to ease increasing polarisation of Muslim and Western societies

  Darfur Militia accused of killings  Pro-government militiamen launched new attacks in volatile region that may have killed at least a dozen people

  Congo Congo struggles with mining chaos  Among the biggest challenges first elected government in 50 years will face is bringing order to a chaotic mining sector

  Hamas Hamas agrees to conference with Israel  The Palestinian government agreed to an international peace conference with Israel

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