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Politics Main Event: Pakistan votes to amend...
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11-15 Pakistan votes to amend rape laws Pakistan
C. 11-15 Tsunami alerts lifted after quake Northern Japan
D. 11-15 Fate of kidnapped Iraqis still unclear Baghdad
4. 11-15 Kabila close to DR Congo victory Congo
F. 11-15 Flooding displaces 80,000 Kenya
G. 11-15 Israel hits militants' homes Gaza
7. 11-15 UN: Climate change deniers 'out of time' Kenya
8. 11-15 PM says he'll survive Cabinet resignations Beirut
J. 11-15 Michael Jackson returns to stage London


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Morning News

Nov.15   Pakistan   Pakistan votes to amend rape laws
  The national assembly has voted to amend the strict Sharia laws on rape and adultery

  Northern Japan   Tsunami alerts lifted after quake
  8.1 earthquake struck near Japan's northern coast at 8:14 p.m. deep under the Ocean 1,000 miles northeast of Tokyo
 There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. A wave measuring about 16 inches did wash up on some Pacific coastal areas. A tsunami warning was issued for the Alaska, British Columbia and parts of Washington state

  Baghdad Fate of kidnapped Iraqis still unclear  A police official said no more than 20 people had been released

  Congo Kabila close to DR Congo victory  Provisional election results suggest President Joseph Kabila will win the country's run-off election

  Kenya Flooding displaces 80,000  The Red Cross said that floods in northeastern and coastal areas have killed 23 people

Day News

  Gaza   Israel hits militants' homes  The airstrikes have hit the homes of several senior Palestinian, wounding at least one person

  Kenya   UN: Climate change deniers 'out of time'  Annan told the conference on climate change that those who would deny global warming or are 'out of step'

  Beirut PM says he'll survive Cabinet resignations  Fouad Siniora said his government will survive despite the resignations of 6 ministers this week

  London Michael Jackson returns to stage  Singer has performed at the World Music Awards ceremony despite telling reporters he was not going to

  Moscow Bush, Putin discuss Iran over lunch  President Bush is eager for Russian help in ongoing nuclear disputes with N. Korea and Iran

Evening News

  Congo   Kabila named winner of vote
  Incumbent President was declared the winner of tense runoff election, defeating his ex-rebel leader rival
 Joseph Kabila has appealed for calm in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kabila won 58.05% of the vote, ahead of Jean-Pierre Bemba who got 41.9%

  Washington   U.S. general: Stay the course in Iraq  The commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East John Abizaid is optimistic that 'we can stabilize Iraq'

  USA Marine jailed for Iraq death  Pte John Jodka has received an 18-month prison sentence for his part in killing an unarmed man

  Turkey Turkey ends French military ties  Turkey has suspended all military ties with France in protest at a bill to make it a crime to deny the Armenian genocide

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