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War & Army Main Event: Report: Seafood faces...
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B. 11-02 Gazprom to double Georgia charges Tbilisi, Georgia
C. 11-02 Nigeria gets new Islamic leader Sokoto, Northern Nigeria
D. 11-02 Syria denies Lebanon plot claim Syria
E. 11-02 2 foreigners kidnapped Nigeria
5. 11-02 Iran fires unarmed missiles Iran
11-02 Report: Seafood faces collapse by 2048 Washington
7. 11-02 General: Abuse scandal claimed my career Texas
8. 11-02 U.S. names missing American soldier Baghdad
J. 11-02 Pastor resigns in gay sex row USA


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Morning News

Nov.2   Georgia   Gazprom to double Georgia charges Map of Tbilisi Georgia  Russian energy giant would charge Tbilisi $230 for 1,000 cubic metres of gas from 2007

  Northern Nigeria Nigeria gets new Islamic leader  A new Sultan of Sokoto, Colonel Muhammadu Sada Abubakar, 53, has been announced

  Syria Syria denies Lebanon plot claim  Syria has denied White House claims that it is planning to try to topple the Lebanese government

  Nigeria 2 foreigners kidnapped  Armed gunmen seized 2 oil workers -- an American and a Briton -- during a raid on a Norwegian ship

  Iran Iran fires unarmed missiles  Revolutionary Guards fired missiles able to carry cluster warheads at the start of military maneuvers

Day News

  Washington   Report: Seafood faces collapse by 2048
  Journal Science: Clambakes, crabcakes, swordfish steaks could be little more than a fond memory

  Texas     General: Abuse scandal claimed my career  Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who served as commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, retired from the Army

  Baghdad U.S. names missing American soldier  The U.S. military identified the soldier captured in Baghdad as Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie, an Army reservist on active duty

  USA Pastor resigns in gay sex row  The leader of the National Association of Evangelicals has resigned after being accused of paying for sex with a man

  Paris France to declassify Rwanda files  France will release documents on the genocide, after claims that French troops were complicit in the 1994 massacre

Evening News

  Beijing   Trade to top China-Africa summit
  More than 40 African heads of state have gathering for a summit with China on trade and investment

  Gaza Gunmen barricaded in mosque  Dozens of Palestinians have exchanged fire with Israeli forces in the town of Beit Hanoun

  Colombia Bogota bomb kills 2, injures 5  A jeep carrying explosives went up, killing 2 passengers and injuring 5

  Cameroon Cholera hits Cameroon  An outbreak has killed at least 28 people in Far North province neighboring Lake Chad

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