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Politics Main Event: Israeli troops advance ...
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11-22 Israeli troops advance into 2 towns Gaza
2. 11-22 Lebanon mourns minister amid crisis Lebanon
3. 11-22 UK may transfer Basra 'in spring' London
4. 11-22 Nepal celebrates promise of peace Nepal
F. 11-22 Flood waters still rising Somalia
G. 11-22 Kidnapped British oil worker dies in rescue Nigeria
H. 11-22 Iraqi civilian toll reaches monthly high Iraq
8. 11-22 Le Pen struggles to find backers France


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Morning News

Nov.22   Gaza   Israeli troops advance into 2 towns
  Ground troops, tanks and armored vehicles are in pursuit of rocket squads, besieging a Hamas lawmaker's house

  Lebanon   Lebanon mourns minister amid crisis   Crowds of people snaked through the streets of Gemayel's hometown on Lebanon's independence day

  London UK may transfer Basra 'in spring'  Foreign Secretary: The UK may be able to hand Basra's security to Iraqi forces 'at some point next spring'

  Nepal Nepal celebrates promise of peace  Residents lit candles, danced and cheered in the streets after the government and Maoists signed a peace accord

  Somalia Flood waters still rising  1.8 million people affected in parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Aid workers were already treating cases of cholera

Day News

  Nigeria   Kidnapped British oil worker dies in rescue
  Nigerian troops tried to free 7 foreigners abducted from an offshore oil field

  Washington     Bush pledges to stand by Lebanon  US President has pledged to support Lebanon's independence from the 'encroachments of Iran and Syria'

  Iraq Iraqi civilian toll reaches monthly high  The U.N. says Insurgent attacks in Iraq killed 3,709 civilians in October

  France Le Pen struggles to find backers  The French far-right leader says he is having problems gathering enough signatures to stand for the presidency next April

Evening News

  Poland   No survivors in mine blast
  Rescuers at a coal mine have found the bodies of 15 miners, ending hopes of finding any survivors
 The final death is 23. The mine shaft had been closed in because of gas levels, but the miners, aged between 21 and 59, were retrieving equipment worth $23m

  Beirut   U.N. to probe Gemayel slaying  The Security Council approved a request from Lebanon's PM for investigators already probing assassination of Hariri

  UN     Egeland: 'Meltdown' in Darfur  The top humanitarian official said a crisis is approaching for the region that could cost millions of lives

  Netherlands Dutch on course for split result  The governing Christian Democrats are ahead, with 41 seats, but remain short of a majority

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