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1. 11-23 More than 200 killed in Sadr City Sadr City
C. 11-23 Funeral for minister turns into anti-Syrian Beirut
3. 11-23 France issues Rwanda warrants Paris
4. 11-23 Bomb at rail station kills 3 Assam, North East India
F. 11-23 City curfew after bombing wave Baghdad
11-23 Poisoned former KGB spy dies London
H. 11-23 Divisions mar EU-Russia meeting Finland


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Morning News

Nov.23   Sadr City   More than 200 killed in Sadr City Map of Sadr City
  A string of apparently coordinated bombings erupted in a Shiite slum. the death toll was expected to rise
 Bombs and mortar shells struck at 15-minute intervals. 206 wounded. Shiites responded, firing 10 mortar rounds at the Sunni shrine. The Interior Ministry imposes an 8 p.m. curfew. Gunmen attack the Iraq Health Ministry. U.S. troops fired at a minibus, killed 4

  Beirut   Funeral for minister turns into anti-Syrian
  Hundreds of thousands packed Martyrs Square to honor slain Pierre Gemayel, cheering speeches by his supporters

  Paris   France issues Rwanda warrants
  A judge has issued international arrest warrants for 9 close aides of President Paul Kagame

  Australia Ponting puts Australia well on top  Ricky Ponting completed his 32nd test hundred in the opening day of the first Ashes test against England

  North East India Bomb at rail station kills 3  A powerful bomb explosion at a motorized rickshaw stand in Gauhati, capital of the state of Assam

Day News

  Baghdad City curfew after bombing wave  An indefinite curfew has been placed after the worst attack on Iraq's capital since the US-led invasion

  London     Poisoned former KGB spy dies
  Alexander Litvinenko, the longtime critic of the Russian government, died in a hospital 3 weeks after his suspected poisoning
 The doctors unable to determine the cause of his illness. Litvinenko and his friends blamed Russian government for his sudden illness. Kremlin have denied any role in the matter. The former KGB spy met with a contact who claimed to have information connecting the Russian government with the slaying of journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Evening News

  Finland Divisions mar EU-Russia meeting  The 2 sides were due to discuss a partnership agreement: energy, migration and other issues

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