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B. 11-25 21 Shiites gunned down in front of families Diyala, Iraq
C. 11-25 Spy radiation death: Video studied London
3. 11-25 Cabinet meets on Hariri tribunal Beirut
E. 11-25 Rebels 'seize' key city of Abeche Chad
11-25 Palestinians, Israel agree to cease-fire Gaza
6. 11-25 Blair: 'Sorrow' over Britain's slavery role London
H. 11-25 Iraq extends curfew amid violence Baghdad
8. 11-25 Pinochet 'takes responsibility' Chile
J. 11-25 Police kill man on wedding day Queens, New York


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Morning News

Nov.25   Iraq   21 Shiites gunned down in front of families Map of Diyala Iraq
  Sunni gunmen stormed two Shiite homes in Diyala province. President Talabani postponed a trip to Iran

  London     Spy radiation death: Video studied   Police are studying security camera footage after finding radioactive traces at 3 locations visited by Alexander Litvinenko

  Beirut Cabinet meets on Hariri tribunal  Hezbollah renewed its threats to hold protests to bring down the government

  Chad Rebels 'seize' key city of Abeche  The army said it had withdrawn to spare civilian lives. The rebels have sworn to depose the President Deby

Day News

  Gaza   Palestinians, Israel agree to cease-fire
  All Palestinian factions have agreed to stop firing rockets into Israel . Israel has agreed to withdraw troops from Gaza
 Abbas has won a commitment from all militant groups and phoned Olmert to say he had agreement from all factions that they would stop their rocket fire. Olmert has in return agreed to halt hostilities.

  London Blair: 'Sorrow' over Britain's slavery role  Prime Minister will express 'deep sorrow' for Britain's role in the slave trade

  Baghdad Iraq extends curfew amid violence  The authorities have extended until Monday a city curfew in response to recent killings

  Chile Pinochet 'takes responsibility'  The former military ruler takes political responsibility for everything that happened during his 18 years in power

Evening News

  New York   Police kill man on wedding day
Map of Queens New York
  The groom and 2 friends were leaving a strip club in Queens after the groom's bachelor party when police opened fire on them

San Francisco Bay Area , November 25, 2006 Timeline