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1. 11-28 NATO eyes Afghan handover in 2008 Latvia
C. 11-28 Pope begins landmark visit Turkey
D. 11-28 Iran: U.S. causes Iraq violence Iran
4. 11-28 Bush denies civil war is engulfing Iraq Estonia
11-28 Castro misses birthday ceremony Havana, Cuba
G. 11-28 Pope calls for Christian-Muslim dialogue Turkey
H. 11-28 King wants Bush to refocus Jordan
I. 11-28 EU nations 'knew about CIA jails' European Union
9. 11-28 Military stokes coup fears Fiji


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Morning News

Nov.28   Latvia     NATO eyes Afghan handover in 2008
  At a 2-day summit, Secretary-General de Hoop Scheffer insisted the alliance will prevail in its first mission outside Europe

  Turkey     Pope begins landmark visit  Benedict XVI is on his first trip to a mainly Muslim country since acceding to the papacy. PM Erdogan met him at airport

  Iran   Iran: U.S. causes Iraq violence  Iran's supreme leader said withdrawal of 'foreign forces' is the first step to ending the country's discord

  Estonia Bush denies civil war is engulfing Iraq  President Bush is calling the violence there part of an al Qaeda plot to spark divisions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims

Day News

  Cuba     Castro misses birthday ceremony Map of Havana Cuba
  Frail Cuban leader has stayed away from the opening ceremony of his birthday celebrations in Havana on doctors' orders

  Turkey     Pope calls for Christian-Muslim dialogue
  Benedict XVI: People of all nations should expect religious freedom

  Jordan     King wants Bush to refocus  Abdullah II said he will press President Bush to focus on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

  European Union EU nations 'knew about CIA jails'  A European parliament report: Many EU nations were aware that the CIA used their territory for the transfer of suspects

Evening News

  Fiji   Military stokes coup fears  The military will conduct night-time exercises to secure strategic areas of the capital, Suva

  Morocco 13 migrant children drown  The bodies have washed up on a Western Sahara beach, drowned when their small boat sank in the Atlantic

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