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War & Army Main Event: Gunmen flee in human ...
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11-03 Gunmen flee in human shield Gaza
2. 11-03 83 bullet-riddled bodies found in city Baghdad
D. 11-03 Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care Tel Aviv
E. 11-03 U.S. intelligence chief visits Iraq Baghdad
F. 11-03 EU alarmed by Turkey reform woes European Union
6. 11-03 Iraq braces for Hussein verdicts Baghdad
H. 11-03 Panama near U.N. council seat UN Security Council
8. 11-03 Israel strikes after siege Gaza
J. 11-03 Sex-row pastor 'bought drugs' USA


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Morning News

Nov.3   Gaza   Gunmen flee in human shield
  Militants escaped, slipping away in a crowd of women who had come to protest the Israeli action

  Baghdad     83 bullet-riddled bodies found in city
  Some of the bodies showed signs of torture. 4 U.S. soldiers and a U.S. Marine have been killed

  Tel Aviv     Hospital: Sharon taken to intensive care  Former Prime Minister's overall condition and heart function deteriorated

  Baghdad U.S. intelligence chief visits Iraq  Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte is for unannounced talks with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

  European Union EU alarmed by Turkey reform woes  A draft report raises fresh doubts about Turkey's bid to join the EU and urges Turkey to ensure freedom of expression

Day News

  Baghdad     Iraq braces for Hussein verdicts  Defense Minister al-Obeidi canceled leave for all army officers. Those who are on vacation are to return to duty

  UN Security Council Panama near U.N. council seat  Latin American and Caribbean nations unanimously endorsed Panama after Guatemala and Venezuela withdrawed

  Gaza Israel strikes after siege  Israeli forces have killed at least 17 people after a crowd of women went to the aid of gunmen

  USA Sex-row pastor 'bought drugs'  The head of a US evangelical body Ted Haggardwho has admitted he bought drugs

Evening News

  Beijing   China to double its aid to Africa  Chinese President Hu s has pledged to provide $5bn in loans and credits over the next three years

  India Temple stampede kills four  Thousands of devotees lined up to get into the Jagannath temple in the state of Orissa to usher in a Hindu festival

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