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War & Army Main Event: Power cuts strike wes...
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B. 11-04 Iraqi PM condemns Saddam 'crimes' Baghdad
2. 11-04 Hungary mourns crushed uprising Hungary
3. 11-04 Israeli strike kills militant commander Gaza
11-04 Power cuts strike western Europe France
F. 11-04 Gospel singer 'released' Eritrea


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Morning News

Nov.4   Baghdad     Iraqi PM condemns Saddam 'crimes'  Nouri Maliki has said he hopes Saddam Hussein gets what he deserves for 'crimes against the Iraqi people'

  Hungary Hungary mourns crushed uprising  Hungary is holding a day of mourning to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Soviet crush the 1956 revolution

  Gaza Israeli strike kills militant commander  An airstrike killed a commander in the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigade when the car he was riding in was struck

  Washington Neoconservatives decry execution of war  Richard Perle now says dysfunction within the Bush administration has turned U.S. policy there into a disaster

Day News

  France   Power cuts strike western Europe
  The outage started in Germany, and then spread to other parts of Europe. 5 million people in France lost power

  Eritrea Gospel singer 'released'  Helen Berhane was detained by the authorities without charge for more than two years

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