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Troops find missing soldiers' I.D.  U.S.-led coalition forces have found the ID cards of 2 missing U.S. soldiers, abducted last month south of Baghdad 9 U.S. troops die
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  Suicide truck bomb kills 20 in Ramadi  A truck bomber slammed into an Iraqi police checkpoint. 2 police officers were among the dead Soldiers comb 'Triangle' for comrades  U.S. troops navigate thick brush, search farmhouses for 3 missing soldiers. Commander: 'We are not going to stop' Suicide blast kills at least 10 in market   A car bomb detonated in an outdoor market in Balad Ruz as the market, just east of Baquba, was packed with shoppers Suicide car bomb kills 15 Map of Falluja Iraq  A suicide bomber struck a local market in Ameriya, near Falluja. In Baghdad, police shot a female suicide bomber in the Sadr City Truck bombing kills 15 at police station  A suicide bomber drove an explosives-laden truck into a police station near Tikrit Blast hits key Shia shrine Map of Samarra Iraq
Plane crash kills 30 Turkish workers  Antonov-26 departed from Adana, Turkey, and went down in heavy fog about 1.6 miles northwest of Balad In Samarra, rubble marks grim anniversary  A year ago, the bombing of this city's revered Shiite mosque set off a sectarian violence   Suicide bomber kills 30 in café  The explosion ripped through a busy marketplace at a popular café in Balad Ruz and wounded another 40 Iraqis Gas attack makes hundreds ill

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  Suicide bombers detonated 3 chlorine-filled trucks in Anbar province, killing 2 police officers and sickened 350 Iraqis and 6 coalition force members
 2 of the attacks were near the city of Falluja, the third near Ramadi, west of Baghdad

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  The 3 minarets of the al-Askari, one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam, have been damaged by an explosion in Samarra
 The bombing destroyed two towers at the mosque. The same holy site was attacked in February 2006. The shrine houses one of 2 tombs in Samarra for Shia imams, which attract pilgrims from around the world
  4 were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near a coalition vehicle northwest of Baghdad. U.S. military death toll so far in June is 79

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Sep.13   Insurgents kill key US ally Map of Ramadi Iraq
  Abu Risha, the leader of an alliance of Sunni Arab tribes that rejected al-Qaeda, has been killed in a bomb attack in the city of Ramadi
Sep.29   Sacred site to be rebuilt   Unesco: Reconstruction work will begin next month on a revered shrine in the city of Samarra blown up in the current conflict

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Oct.11   Strike 'kills 15 civilians'
  19 insurgents and 15 women and children have been killed in an operation north of Baghdad
Oct.14   Insurgents attack Shiite pilgrims  In the second day of the Eid al-Fitr festival the separate attacks left at least 24 dead

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Nov.21     Courthouse car bomb kills 5
Map of Ramadi Iraq  A bomb struck a police checkpoint in central Ramadi outside a courthouse

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B. 01-09 Plane crash kills 30 Turkish workers Sunni Triangle
C. 02-22 In Samarra, rubble marks grim anniversary Sunni Triangle
3. 03-07 Suicide bomber kills 30 in café Sunni Triangle
03-17 Gas attack makes hundreds ill Sunni Triangle
5. 04-06 Suicide truck bomb kills 20 in Ramadi Sunni Triangle
G. 05-17 Soldiers comb 'Triangle' for comrades Sunni Triangle
7. 06-05 Suicide car bomb kills 15 Falluja, Sunni Triangle
8. 06-10 Truck bombing kills 15 at police station Sunni Triangle

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