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  Chavez admits Castro gravely ill  Venezuelan President: Cuban leader is battling to save his life Chavez could soon get broader powers   Lawmakers give Chavez sweeping powers   A congress wholly loyal to the President approved a law granting him authority to enact measures by decree Chavez attacks Bush 'domination' Chavez launches biting US attack Chavez: Fidel Castro is 'in charge'   Venezuela to pull out of IMF, World Bank  President Chavez announced he would make a symbolic move because the nation has already paid off its debts to the lending institutions Chavez takes control of oil giants Venezuelans rally for TV station Court orders TV station seizure Tens of thousands protest over TV issue Map of Caracas Venezuela
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Venezuela to nationalize energy sector Venezuela, Iran to 'thwart U.S.'   Rule by decree passed for Chavez
  Chavez bid for more state control

January 2007 ... more > Top ^
  The President has pledged to nationalise key Venezuelan companies to transform the country into a full socialist state
  National Assembly has given initial approval to a bill granting the President the power to rule by decree for 18 months

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May 2007 ... more > Top ^
  Venezuelans are protesting as a station Radio Caracas TV, critical of the government, is taken off the air
May.27   TV station off the air Map of Caracas Venezuela
  Radio Caracas Television, Venezuela's most-watched television station and outlet for the political opposition, went off the air
 The government refused to renew RCTV broadcast license, which has been broadcasting for 53 years. It was replaced by a state-run station -- Tves. Police used water cannons and tear gas to break up thousands of demonstrators protesting the government's decision
May.28   Troops fire tear gass in TV station protest  National Guard troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters angry over a decision by Chavez that forced a critical TV... May.29     TV station accused of inciting Chavez hit  As thousands of students marched in the streets in support, Globovision denied accusations that it was inciting violence against the governm... May.31 Silenced TV station moves to YouTube

June 2007 ... more > Top ^
Jun.2 Chavez supporters back TV closure
Jun.25   US firms 'reject' Venezuela deal  Conoco Phillips and Exxon Mobil have reportedly rejected a deal that would keep them working in Venezuela's most important reserve Jun.27  Mexico stuns Brazil, 2-0 at Copa

July 2007 ... more > Top ^
Jul.8 Brazil, Uruguay storm into Copa semis
Jul.10 Brazil eliminates Uruguay 5-4 Jul.11 Messi guides Argentina into Copa final Jul.15     Brazil defeats Argentina for Copa title  Brazil produced a ruthlessly efficient performance to beat old rivals 3-0 and win the Copa America for the 2nd time in a row

August 2007 ... more > Top ^
Aug.15   President Hugo Chavez outlines changes  Chavez has announced plans to change to the constitution, allowing him to remain in power indefinitely Aug.31   Chavez to help broker hostage deal
  Venezuelan President entered Colombia's hostage standoff, seeking to broker a deal between the government and guerrillas to free hostages

September 2007 ... more > Top ^
Sep.27 Iran strengthens South American ties

October 2007 ... more > Top ^
Oct.14 Castro speaks live on Chavez show
Oct.16 Chavez reforms go to parliament

November 2007 ... more > Top ^
Nov.1 Troops use tear gas on Chavez protesters
Nov.5   Ex-general breaks with Chavez  Raul Baduel who helped Chavez through a coup in 2002 publically broke with the president Monday over proposed constitutional changes Nov.7   Gunmen fire on protesters  Gunmen opened fire on students returning from a march in which 80,000 people denounced Chavez's attempts to expand his power Nov.8     Hostage talks see spark of hope  President Chavez and a top Colombian guerrilla chief gave a glimmer of hope that dozens of hostages held by the leftist rebels would be free... Nov.10 Shut up, Spain king tells Chavez Nov.21 Colombia halts Chavez mediation Nov.28   Chavez cuts all ties with Colombia  Venezuelan President said he is cutting all ties with Colombia as long as Alvaro Uribe remains its president   Students, police clash  Hundreds of students clashed with police and national guard in a series of protests days ahead of a referendum tabled by Chavez Nov.30   Chavez urges reform  Venezuelan President, addressing tens of thousands of supporters, has urged voters to approve constitutional changes in a referendum Chavez threatens to cut oil if U.S.

December 2007 ... more > Top ^
Dec.1 Chavez blasts Colombia
Venezuelans vote on constitution Dec.2   Voters reject Chavez's referendum
  The voters narrowly rejected a referendum that would have bolstered Chavez's embrace of socialism and granted him an indefinite extension
 Voters rejected the sweeping reforms by a margin of 51% to 49%. Chavez described the defeat as a 'photo finish'
Dec.5 Chavez denies pressure to concede
Dec.6 Inflation worries Dec.12 Venezuelan agents arrested in U.S. Dec.21   Chavez proposes oil barter scheme   President Hugo Chavez has said Central American and Caribbean states could pay for oil with services or products like bananas and sugar Dec.28     Mission begins to free FARC hostages Map of Villavicencio Colombia  2 Venezuelan helicopters arrived in central Colombia as part of an operation to free 3 hostages from the jungles Dec.29 Hostage mission delayed Dec.31   New delay for hostages  Leftist rebels say government military operations are blocking the release of 3 hostages, according to Hugo Chavez

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1. 01-08 Chavez bid for more state control Venezuela
2. 01-13 Venezuela to nationalize energy sector Venezuela
D. 01-13 Venezuela, Iran to 'thwart U.S.' Venezuela
01-18 Rule by decree passed for Chavez Venezuela
F. 01-19 Chavez admits Castro gravely ill Venezuela
G. 01-29 Chavez could soon get broader powers Venezuela
H. 01-31 Lawmakers give Chavez sweeping powers Venezuela
I. 03-10 Chavez launches biting US attack Bolivia

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