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War & Army Main Event: Iran ignored U.N. ult...
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02-23 Iran ignored U.N. ultimatum Iran
2. 02-23 Prince Harry to be sent to Iraq London
3. 02-23 Insurgent vow revenge for alleged rapes Iraq
E. 02-23 Fire in care home kills 26 Riga, Latvia
F. 02-23 Italian coalition 'to back Prodi' Rome


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Feb.23   Iran   Iran ignored U.N. ultimatum  Iran has expanded its program by setting up hundreds of centrifuges.The key countries would try to develop a new resolution

  London   Prince Harry to be sent to Iraq   3rd in line to the British throne, is to join troops serving in Iraq with his Blues and Royals regiment in May or June

  Sydney     Cheney warns on Chinese build-up  US Vice-President has saying Chinese were at odds with the country's stated peaceful aims
 He praised China's role in a nuclear deal with North Korea

  Iraq   Insurgent vow revenge for alleged rapes  Two insurgent groups, one linked to al Qaeda, have vowed to step up attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces

  Latvia   Fire in care home kills 26 Map of Riga Latvia  A fire at a home for the elderly and disabled in the town of Alsunga, west of the capital Riga

  Rome Italian coalition 'to back Prodi'  Parties in governing coalition have agreed a 12-point deal backing Romano Prodi to continue as prime minister

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