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Main Event: Tear gas used on lawyers
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03-16 Tear gas used on lawyers Pakistan
C. 03-16 Friendly fire death ruled unlawful London
D. 03-16 Tsvangirai leaves Harare hospital Zimbabwe
E. 03-16 Mugabe threatens to expel envoys Zimbabwe
F. 03-16 Gibbs flays six sixes in one over Saint Kitts & Nevis
G. 03-16 Ex-CIA agent blasts White House Washington
H. 03-16 Iraq unveils reconstruction plan Iraq


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Morning News

Mar.16   Pakistan   Tear gas used on lawyers
  Police arrested opposition politicians and raided a TV station ahead of a court hearing of the country's dismissed top judge
 President Musharraf suspended Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for abuse of office. Chaudhry has challenged the government on several cases

  London   Friendly fire death ruled unlawful  A British coroner ruled that a U.S. friendly fire attack that killed a British soldier in Iraq was unlawful and criminal

  Zimbabwe   Tsvangirai leaves Harare hospital   Opposition leader has left hospital in a wheelchair after allegedly being beaten in police custody

Day News

  Zimbabwe     Mugabe threatens to expel envoys  President has threatened to expel Western diplomats whom he accuses of supporting the political opposition

  Saint Kitts & Nevis Gibbs flays six sixes in one over  South African smashed his way into World Cup history when he hit 6 sixes in 1 over in a Group A match against the Netherlands

  Washington Ex-CIA agent blasts White House  Valerie Plame Wilson has accused Bush administration officials of 'carelessly and recklessly' revealing her identity

Evening News

  Iraq Iraq unveils reconstruction plan  Vice-president has spelled out the details of a 5-year plan at a key UN conference on the country's future

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