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03-26 Power deal marks 'new era' Northern Ireland
2. 03-26 Hu heads to Russia to boost trade Moscow
3. 03-26 UK, Iraq raise pressure on Iran United Kingdom
4. 03-26 Judge supporters arrested Pakistan
F. 03-26 Drug overdose killed Anna Nicole Florida
G. 03-26 Australian admits terror charge Guantanamo
7. 03-26 Iran high on agenda for Hu, Putin Moscow
8. 03-26 Burma's new capital city unveiled Myanmar


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Morning News

Mar.26   Northern Ireland   Power deal marks 'new era'
  Major Protestant and Catholic parties have hailed a deal to form a government as a 'new era of politics'
 The arch-rivals Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams have agreed a power-sharing deal at historic talks to form a joint executive on 8 May to run the province. Paisley is expected to be first minister, while Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein would be deputy first minister

  Moscow     Hu heads to Russia to boost trade  Chinese leader arrived for an official visit in which he and Putin are expected to try to add economics to the political and military ties

  United Kingdom     UK, Iraq raise pressure on Iran  Iran is under increased pressure to release 15 British sailors and marines seized in what Tehran insists were its territorial waters

  Pakistan Judge supporters arrested  Police have arrested more than 1,000 protesters demonstrating against the dismissal of the country's top judge

  Florida Drug overdose killed Anna Nicole  Former Playboy model died of an accidental drug overdose. There were no signs of foul play and no evidence of illegal drugs

Day News

  Guantanamo   Australian admits terror charge
  Prisoner David Hicks pleaded guilty before a U.S. military tribunal to a charge of providing material support to terrorists
 The 31-year-old Muslim convert was accused of attending al-Qaeda camps

  Moscow Iran high on agenda for Hu, Putin  The presidents of Russia and China have called on Iran to fulfill the U.N. resolutions over its disputed nuclear program

Evening News

  Myanmar Burma's new capital city unveiled  Military rulers have been showing off the new city, called Naypyidaw, or Abode of Kings, for the first time to the outside world

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