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Politics Main Event: Bush attacks Iran over ...
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1. 03-31 Navy captives 'face legal action' Iran
2. 03-31 Beckett: Britain, Iran discussing sailors London
D. 03-31 Climate change blackout Sydney
4. 03-31 Rivals mass in capital Kiev
F. 03-31 Phelps equals Thorpe's gold record Melbourne
03-31 Bush attacks Iran over captives Washington
H. 03-31 Williams claims her fourth Sony Ericsson Florida
I. 03-31 Blast targets hospital visitors Sadr City
J. 03-31 Bloody battle rages Mogadishu Somalia


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Morning News

Mar.31   Iran     Navy captives 'face legal action'   Legal action is being taken against 15 British personnel held captive by Iran for 'entering Iranian waters'

  London   Beckett: Britain, Iran discussing sailors  British Foreign Secretary says Britain has written to Iran to seek a peaceful resolution to the standoff over 15 sailors and marines

  Sydney   Climate change blackout   Lights have been turned off in a hour-long event aimed at raising awareness of global warming

  Kiev Rivals mass in capital  A power struggle inside the government has brought thousands of demonstrators out on to the streets in Kiev

  Melbourne Phelps equals Thorpe's gold record  The 21-year-old won 6th gold medal at the world championships to win the 100 meters butterfly final in 50.77 seconds

Day News

  Washington     Bush attacks Iran over captives
  President has condemned Iran's nexcusable behaviour after its capture of 15 Royal Navy personnel

  Florida Williams claims her fourth Sony Ericsson  Serena Williams fought off 2 match points on her way to an epic 0-6 7-5 6-3 comeback win over world #1 Justine Henin

  Sadr City Blast targets hospital visitors  A parked car exploded near a hospital in Sadr City, the deadliest in a series of bombings that killed at least 9 people

  Somalia Bloody battle rages Mogadishu  Artillery fire and mortar shells rained down as government troops and their Ethiopian allies continued a major offensive

Evening News

  Iraq Shia militia 'stood down'  President Jalal Talabani says the Mehdi Army has stopped its activities on the orders of its leader, Moqtada Sadr

  US Georgia Florida manhandles UCLA in Final Four  Florida 76, UCLA 66

  US Georgia Ohio State outfights Georgetown  Mike Conley Jr. and the rest of the Buckeyes carried Ohio State to its first national title game since 1962 with a 67-60 victory

  Nepal Deal striked on new cabinet  Mainstream parties have finally reached a deal on sharing posts in a new interim government which will include Maoists

  New York Exiled Bhutto plans return to Pakistan  Ex-Prime Minister plans to return later this year, despite possible arrest, and doesn't rule out running for the top post again

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