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11-01 Police guilty in 'bomber' case London
C. 11-01 Deaths in Iraq 'continue to fall' Iraq
D. 11-01 Monk who helped protests escapes Thailand
E. 11-01 Children die in raid Nangarhar, Afghanistan
F. 11-01 Chrysler to cut 10,000 jobs in US Detroit
6. 11-01 Storm Noel heads toward Bahamas Bahamas
7. 11-01 Race to save flood victims Tabasco, Mexico
I. 11-01 Hingis tests positive for cocaine Switzerland
J. 11-01 Prince: Saudis were tailing 9/11 hijackers Saudi Arabia


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Morning News

Nov.1   London   Police guilty in 'bomber' case
  The Metropolitan Police has been found guilty of endangering the public over the shooting of a man officers mistook for a suicide bomber

  Iraq     Deaths in Iraq 'continue to fall'
  Figures for October: The number of violent civilian and military deaths in Iraq has continued to drop

  Thailand Monk who helped protests escapes  24-year-old Ashin Kovida found freedom in Thailand and escaped authorities within Myanmar's oppressive military regime

  Afghanistan Children die in raid  2 children died as U.S.-led coalition forces stormed a compound in eastern Nangarhar province where a Taliban militant had holed himself up

  Detroit Chrysler to cut 10,000 jobs in US  The car giant has announced plans to cut at least 10,000 jobs, months after it was bought by a leading private equity firm

  Bahamas Storm Noel heads toward Bahamas  The storm is forecast to wallop the Bahamas with a torrential downpour of rain and tropical storm-force winds

Day News

  Mexico   Race to save flood victims Map of Tabasco Mexico
  A massive rescue operation is under way after rains caused the worst flooding in the low-lying state's history

  Switzerland   Hingis tests positive for cocaine  Martina Hingis is revealing that she tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon. She announced her retirement from tennis for the 2nd time

  Saudi Arabia   Prince: Saudis were tailing 9/11 hijackers  Ex-ambassador: Saudi Arabia could have helped the U.S. prevent 2001 attacks if U.S. officials had consulted Saudi authorities in a credible way

  New York Markets tumble on credit concerns  Dow Jones shed 2.6%. World markets have plunged amid fears about the credit crisis, sending shares in finance firms sharply lower

  Venezuela Troops use tear gas on Chavez protesters  The troops used the gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators who turned out by the tens of thousands

Evening News

  Central Africa 'Dual epidemic' threatens Africa  A rising number of infections with HIV and tuberculosis has created a co-epidemic spreading throughout sub-Saharan Africa

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