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Politics Main Event: US and Germany vow Iran...
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1. 11-10 Tear gas used on rare demo Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
C. 11-10 US troops killed in ambush Nuristan, Eastern Afghanistan
D. 11-10 U.N. chief sees Antarctic meltdown Antarctica
E. 11-10 Superstore stampede kills shoppers Chongqing, Southern China
11-10 US and Germany vow Iran diplomacy Washington
6. 11-10 Shut up, Spain king tells Chavez Santiago, Chile
7. 11-10 Argentines in pulp mill protest Argentina
I. 11-10 Broadway stagehands go on strike New York
9. 11-10 Bhutto blocked from visiting chief justice Pakistan


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Morning News

Nov.10   Malaysia   Tear gas used on rare demo Map of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  The largest political protest in nearly a decade erupted in Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of protesters gathered to demand electoral reform

  Eastern Afghanistan   US troops killed in ambush Map of Nuristan Afghanistan  6 US soldiers and 3 Afghan troops have been killed in fighting in eastern Afghanistan in Nuristan province

  Antarctica U.N. chief sees Antarctic meltdown  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the Antarctica to see firsthand the impact of climate change and the melting of glaciers

  Southern China Superstore stampede kills shoppers  Shoppers eager to buy goods on sale stampeded at a Carrefour supermarket in southwestern China

Day News

  Washington     US and Germany vow Iran diplomacy
  President Bush and German Chancellor Merkel say they will continue to seek a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear program

  Chile Shut up, Spain king tells Chavez  King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan leader to 'shut up' as the Ibero-American summit drew to a close in Santiago

Evening News

  Argentina   Argentines in pulp mill protest  Tens of thousands have marched to the Uruguayan border in one of the biggest protests so far against a controversial mill

  New York Broadway stagehands go on strike  Stagehands at theatres have gone on strike, shutting down more than 20 plays and musicals including The Lion King and Mamma Mia

  Pakistan Bhutto blocked from visiting chief justice  Pakistani security forces blocked former Prime Minister from visiting the ousted chief justice of the Pakistan Supreme Court

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