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Crime Main Event: Deadly clash at Arafat ral...
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11-12 Deadly clash at Arafat rally Gaza
C. 11-12 Death toll rises in oil disaster Kerch Strait, Russia
3. 11-12 Officer 'rues' killing Lazio fan Arezzo, Northern Italy
4. 11-12 Police smash 'al Qaeda' Nigeria
F. 11-12 IMF ready to cancel Liberia debt Liberia
G. 11-12 Pakistan faces suspension threat London
H. 11-12 Bhutto put under house arrest Pakistan
I. 11-12 Olympic site blaze clouds London London
J. 11-12 Police tighten cordon on Bhutto Lahore


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Morning News

Nov.12   Gaza     Deadly clash at Arafat rally
  At least 6 people have been killed in gunfire at a rally organised by Fatah to mark 3 years since the death of Yasser Arafat

  Russia   Death toll rises in oil disaster Map of Kerch Strait Russia  Russia and Ukraine launched a rescue and cleanup operation in the Black Sea after fatal storms sank 5 ships, including an oil tanker. 20 sailors missing

  Northern Italy Officer 'rues' killing Lazio fan  The Italian who fired the shot that killed a football fan has said his gun went off as he ran to stop rival supporters fighting

  Nigeria Police smash 'al Qaeda'  Nigerian security agents arrested several men who had materials for making explosives

Day News

  Liberia IMF ready to cancel Liberia debt  The International Monetary Fund has secured sufficient funding to start cancelling Liberia's debt to the international agency

  London Pakistan faces suspension threat  Commonwealth foreign ministers have given Pakistan 10 days to lift emergency rule or face suspension

  Pakistan Bhutto put under house arrest  Opposition leader was placed under house arrest, a day ahead of a planned march protesting Musharraf's declared state of emergency

  London Olympic site blaze clouds London  A thick plume of black smoke covered the sky as blaze broke out in a disused warehouse on the site of the 2012 Olympics

Evening News

  Lahore     Police tighten cordon on Bhutto Map of Lahore Pakistan  Police have strengthened the cordon around a house where the opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been placed under arrest

  European Union Airline websites are 'misleading'  At least 200 European websites are misleading the consumer. They are failing to show taxes and charges, and refusing to advertise the lowest fare

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